SSFI (Severe Service Failure Investigation)

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  1. bad company

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    Just out of curiosity, could anyone here tell me what all a SSFI entails, and what some of the repercussions could be resulting from the outcome?
  2. tieguy

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    are you kidding. A serious service failure investigation is just that . It entails a complete thorough accounting of a service failure event and the possibility someone could lose their job.
  3. CFLBrown

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    What would cause one of these?
  4. scratch

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    Would an example of a SSFI be the daily missed packages caused since PAS/EDD was implemented?
  5. Channahon

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    SSFI encompasses a team of employees selected by either the District or Region, depending on the severity of the failure.

    Management, hourly or union stewards can be part of the team, along with Security, HR, IE, Automotive, Plant Engineering, along with an operations team. None of the people on the team should be directly involved in the operation being investigated for the failure. This is to get an unbiased and objective view of what occurred.

    Ideally, the employees working the investigation are local to the area, and their areas of expertise are part of the investigation. They will utilize all reports, conduct interviews, prepare time lines for review with the District Manager.

    The District Manager will expect to see the following:
    A root cause and final determination as to what caused the service failure, along with recommendations to prevent future service failures of this magnitude.

    As far as represcussions, it can be favorable or unfavorable to the employee being held accountable for the action that caused the serious service failure. I've seen employee terminations, to suspensions, to no disciplinary action , but have seen audits being developed to prevent the situation from occurring again.

    Now if someone falsified a report, then that's cut and dry. Adios Amigo - Management, non management, or union,.
  6. upsgrunt

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    But what plateaus have to be hit to make a service failure a severe service failure?
  7. DS

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    The cust was not home, but the guy at the hells angels clubhouse said I could leave the computer and flat screen with him and he'd make sure they got it.
  8. cachsux

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    The one I was involved in was supposedly for 600+ packages that didn`t make a sort. The new mgr we had at the time tried to suspend me for it until myself and the union steward pointed out all the things I did correctly and all the things the mgr and his group did wrong,in front of his div mgr. The div mgr told us to go and as we stepped out the door slammed and the yelling began,I never heard another word on it.
  9. Mike Hawk

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    I think they are talking about someone forgeting a trailer and 1000 packages mising service, not a handfull of misloads that can be blamed on the preload.
  10. chev

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    You mean we're not supposed to do that? ......Damn:devil3:
  11. BrownSuit

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    Potentially a Corporate Concern as well? It takes a lot that's for sure. Not the Severe part of it.
  12. drewed

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    I dont know if there is a "plateau" everyone has missloads and what not. Id say if any form of transit container (rail car, trailer, air container) was missed it would be a SSFI since, missing one would more then have some sort of negligence on someones part
  13. Baba gounj

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    on Thurs the customer counter had 18 pieces of luggage & boxes going to the UK ( for a member of the royal family of the UAE ) insurance alone came to over $1,000. Nothing left that night ( the counter people moved everything over to the main building ).
    Would that cause a SSFI ?
  14. drewed

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    If you were the origin hub probably not, if an intermediate hub more likely (since if it would have flown out friday or saturday it wouldnt get delivered till monday/ if it was to fly out thursday it would have been delivered friday or sat
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    Tony forgot the coffee that day?...:peaceful:
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    I had a severe service failure on one very terrible peak day. truck went out 100% bricked out. I delivered about half of it the rest was scanned as missed. That night about 4 of us met up to try to make sense of what we had and trade stops around. Our trucks were seriously just randomly jam packed full with no rhyme or reason.
  17. badpal

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    No thats just a normal service failure unless of course you failed to service cross one.
  18. Jack4343

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    I think I had one once. It involved an large SSI account, Pottery Barn. The SSI time was between 10:30am - 12:00pm. They had over 450 boxes that day in a 24 foot van. I had a time study management guy with me. I got to the stop on time and started scanning. I was scanning packages well past 12pm. The time study guy asked me if I knew the time so I put the stop in pre-record, went back to the main screen to see the time (this was before the time was on all the screens in the DIAD) and then reopened the stop and finished scanning packages. Of course, by doing that after 12pm, it showed that all the packages were now service failures. I didn't get in trouble for this instance but my on-car sup took a beating for me from our corporate office. An investigation would've proved that I was at the stop on time so I wasn't really worried about losing my job. However, I have NEVER been asked to run that route again and that is fine with me! :)
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    My error.

    they were 1+

    IDLWTM...tony was on vacation. mark brought them over.
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    Any examples of what would cause an SSFI and how often they actually occur?