Stalled UPS: 2009 Dividend Boost Not Likely

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    Stalled UPS: 2009 Dividend Boost Not Likely - Seeking Alpha

    United Parcel Service (UPS), by far the higher yielder compared to its worldwide package delivery archrival Fedex (FDX), has either increased or maintained its dividend every year for nearly four decades. And this year there are a couple of reasons “maintain” looks a lot more likely than “increase.”

    That doesn’t mean Brown isn’t healthy: it’s pretty much in the pink. Despite losing its AAA bond rating (hey, didn’t everybody?) bond raters still keep high quality investment grade ratings on UPS, and Morningstar gives them a top grade of ‘A’ for Financial Health. And with Morningstar’s highest “wide moat” rating for sustainable competitive advantages, UPS has a strong business model.