Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive May 12 th 2012

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    May 12th is the Stamp Out Hunger national food drive.
    Each year, the second Saturday in May is a day when all citizens have an opportunity, with the help of their letter carrier, to easily donate food to needy families in their community.
    NALC 'Stamp Out Hunger' National Food Drive

    I think that this is a worthwhile cause and I hope anybody that can will participate, my kids have already packed a bag and put it out

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    I do this every year and I just took my 3 stuffed bags to the mailbox for today's pick-up. I think it's a great way to restock the food banks and also clear out the pantry at home to make room. The plus is that I don't have to take my donation anywhere, my regular mailguy (Joaquin) picks it up for me.
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    My wife does a lot of work for a local food pantry that benefits from this. I have helped unload and sort out tons of canned goods from this. Its a good program.
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    If all of us feeder drivers on here could just skip one meal this week we could end world hunger.