Stark A Nutjob Or Taking One For the Team?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Being the ever cynical SOB that I am when it comes to all things Washington DC I found this story rather amusing. Why? Because I don't buy this nonsense at all.

    Each party has their loose cannons who come out and make statements on the extreme just for political effect. They are the ones who take one for the team because they exist in a rather protected district as the voters go, it allows the party to make a public slash at the opposing side in order to gains points with it's extreme base and then the party leadership can maintain cover with the moderate voter by publically condemning the action.

    The democrats are concerned by the horrible poll numbers for their support in the Congress and many on the extreme democratic side feel a bit betrayed as they felt the Bush Jagernaut would have been killed by now only to see them loose the recent battle over the SCHIPs program. Stark's comments IMO were nothing more than the democratic leadership trying to hold the lines after this latest loss. Since Cynthia McKinney got sent to where ever she is now (where is she now that you mention it?) Stark warmed up in the on deck circle, stepped into the batter's box, took the hit and walked to firstbase. Trust me folks, he'll score a run in his district over this and he's probably got some aid program for his district he wants financed in the budget and it's now at the head of the line in the next porkbarrel bill!

    I warned you I was a cynical SOB!

    Ain't picking on you D, the repubs were just as good at it as well. You don't think the repub leadership stepped out first and called Clinton a whoredog do you? They had to put a man on base to get the inning going!
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    I read recently that our dear Cynthia has moved near the San Francisco area and is registered to vote there. She is currently on The Green Party's list of Presidential candidates and hanging out with Cindy Sheehan. I'm sure Ralph Nader is getting worried now:ohmy:. With her no longer in Georgia, maybe we can remove those idiotic "Cynthia McKinney Highway" signs from the side of the road. And take her father's "Billy McKinney Highway" signs down from the other side of I-285 as well. She should fit in quite well with the conspiracy nuts out there.:laugh:
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    You know Stark was making strides in getting his point across until he used "for the president's amusement" line. It might be time to put some of the old school politicans out to pasture along with Senator Bryd...All this does is shift the attention from ending the conflict to Iraq to Congress arguing to have this guy apologize or condem a political ad instead of addressing realtime life and death issue's.
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    :thumbup1: Good Point D!

    Geez, we all must be mellowing as it's getting to agreeable around here!
  5. scratch

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    I saw on the news tonight that Stark made a public apology in Congress for his remarks. He apologized to his fellow Congressmen, the President, and to all members of the military and their families.
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    I still stand by original "cynical SOB" theory!

    :lol::lol::lol: at me!