Steward Issues



Would anyone consider this a problem:

-When ever the stewards here are approached with ANYTHING they say "I'll check my union book tonight and get back with you" but never do.

-If approached about the same thing repeatively the stewards say "Call the BA. His/her number is up in the break room."

-The stewards have plenty of time to play golf with the sups but act like they have no time for anyone to talk to them about issues at work.

I'm not so sure these guys should be stewards and don't know why they even volunteered to be stewards. Maybe nobody else wanted to. Regardless of how they became stewards they should be doing more then what they have shown so far. They are fairly new and you wouldnt expect them to know much yet but they aren't even trying. Our newbies don't want to join the union and these guys are the reaason. If I was new and the first and only union representation I dealt with was those guys I'd shy away too. I'm the highest seniority guy on my shift and pretty far up there for the whole building for part timers and more than a few people have approached me about this. Even drivers are starting to complain and we've had a couple of people get out of the union as a result. Anyone have any good advice on how to deal with these guys??


I would take their advice and call the BA.

If they are actually as bad as you paint them you should easily be able to vote them out.

It is an elected position after all.

They should be carrying their book, they should always get back with you and they shouldn't be playing golf it's a boring game.


<font color="000000">Our building is small. We have two stewards representing the whole building. They are both drivers so we basically don't have any readily available representation during reload or preload. A preloader has to approach one of them when they come in and that is a terrible time for anyone and us night guys are lucky if we even see either of them when they come in from their route. On top of that they are usually in too much of a hurry either time to discuss anything. I think each shift should have a steward. I would gladly volunteer if that were to happen but as far as I know we have never had anyone other than drivers become stewards. One of the draw backs of working in a small sattelite center is that EVERYONE does things a little bit different than the way they are done in the hubs. We are basically "out of site and out of mind" so the powers that be in the centers like ours pretty much do whatever they want. I mean why not? They are away from the watchfull eyes of a die hard union shop such as a hub. I don't know how to get the ball rolling in this issue but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask the BA. </font>


big...get as many people as you can and go the union hall and have everyone ask for a withdrawl slip and tell them why you want it. let them know that if the problem isnt solved soon you will be back with the slip filled out. things will get fixed quickly im sure.


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Really? Fire your stewards that will teach them! I personally have told my local they could start deducting dues to be rid of the babysitting service but was told please don't .