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    Sticking With UPS - The Street

    The financial results in the U.S. were negatively affected by the combination of a shortened peak shopping season and an unprecedented level of online shopping that included a surge of last-minute orders. In an effort to maintain service standards and commitments, UPS deployed additional equipment and people. For example, the company utilized 85,000 temporary employees, 30,000 more than planned. Also, December weather had an effect and hurt earnings results.

    As an analyst, I'll cut UPS some slack on lowering its guidance for its fourth-quarter EPS. Despite its fourth-quarter challenges and results, the company is confident of its 2014 outlook. UPS expects full-year 2014 diluted earnings per share to grow in line with its long term targets of 10% to 15%, compared to 2013 adjusted results. Further details will be provided when the company releases earnings on Jan. 30.