Stock Price 2000 same as 2010 same as 2020

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    UPS closed around 60 bucks in Jun of 2000. UPS closed around 60 bucks in Jun of 2010. I am glad I closed my hypo loan in 1999 and sold when I could, this is a stock that has underperformed since day ONE. Why would an outside, non-package, airline executive person run UPS? UPS is a trucking company with airplanes thus making FDX an airline with trucks and their stock shows it. Ten years from now what will the stock price be? Yes 60 bucks.
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    airline with trucks or trucking with airplanes is irrelevant. income per share and potential growth of income per share determines the share prices people are willing to pay and thus the value of the share

    No doubt, it has not performed well and probably won't match FedEx's growth. fdx is growing fast. UPS is struggling to hang on.
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