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    Had a couple of very strange deliveries yesterday. In the morning we delivered to a home where the front door was open behind the storm door. Rang the doorbell, hollered "UPS", and a man appeared from around the corner buck nekkid! Somehow I kept a very straight face as I handed him the package and DIAD to sign, and returned to the truck before busting out laughing. :rofl: Late in the day, we had a delivery of 1000 rounds of AK47 ammo to a home with a swastika on it. What is bothersome is that #2 is receiving #1. AK47s are not legal in Texas. Hopefully, it's a Christmas gift for someone hunting in upstate NY.
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    LOL, the only type of guns that illegal are automatic weapons.
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    Semi-automatic rifles are legal, but in most states you need a license of some kind. Full-automatic (machine guns) are only legal if you have a very special Federal Firearms License and pay a special tax.

    Give your local police a heads up about the ammo delivery. It may not be anything to worry about. Or maybe they are dangerous Nazi psychopaths. Who knows?
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    Just deliver the package. "Tell the police". Sheesh!

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    7.62X39 ammo fits many guns. The price for a thousand rounds has come down in last couple months. With the troops coming home plan on seeing more in the system. In the eighties I could get a thousand rounds for $75.00 delivered to my door. No swastikas at my house.:bag:
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    If your blonde haired, blue eyes you need not worry.
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    Was he good looking ?
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    They most certainly are legal. And very fun to shoot hogs with, or so I've been told.:wink2: