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    I know others have been moaning, I am just looking for a clear answer. (We'll maybe moaning a little). I was hired as ft package car driver 6/3/13 made book august 13th. No one can tell me what progression I'm in and why I didn't receive retro check. Btw I would have been ok not receiving one until I saw trainees receiving retro checks. Shop steward agrees but is as confused as me. Any clarification would be great
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  3. Call your business agent.
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    What pay rate are you at? That will tell you what UPS thinks you are under, and my guess since you did not get retro is that you were hired off the street and in the three year progression and getting paid $17.25. Or I could be way off and they cheated you. Need some other details.
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    I have been discussing this with another member on here.
    You can check it out here.

    and on page 6 post 105 here

    Here is my opinion.

    You fall under the 3 year progression because you entered the job prior to 8/1/13

    You do not get the GWI (until you make top rate) because you attained seniority after 8/1/13.

    Here is the language

    Why you do not get the GWI

    All full-time employees who have attained seniority as of August 1,
    2013 will receive the following general wage increases for
    each contract year. (The GWI)

    Why you are 3 year progression and not 4 year.

    (c.) The progression for employees entering a package car driving,
    feeder or other full-time job (other than an air driver or a job covered
    by Section 3 below) position after August 1, 2008 2013 shall
    be as follows: (4year progression)

    His point of view is that attained does not mean attained that it means having a seniority date prior to 8/1/13 no matter when you actually attain that date.

    It's not a new issue and only effects a few people who fail to attain seniority by 8/1 in contract years. Thats why its hard to find people who know whats going on.