Suit Claiming Double-Parked UPS Truck Caused Crash Settles for $2 Million in Essex - Law Vize

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    Suit Claiming Double-Parked UPS Truck Caused Crash Settles for $2 Million in Essex - Law Vize

    A motorist who suffered mental and spinal injuries in a coincidence related to a UPS delivery truck agreed to a $2 million settlement in his Essex county match, Cuff v. United Parcel Service, on Feb. 13.

    Plaintiff Paul Cuff changed into riding on Mount Prospect Avenue in Newark on Aug. 17, 2011, while his automobile collided with every other motor driven by Francis Folassobgoum.

    A UPS truck turned into double-parked inside the roadway at the same time as its driver made a transport, prompting Folassobgoum to go the middle line and pressure into oncoming traffic, in which he collided with Cuff’s vehicle head-on.
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    Would you like that in $10's and $20's?

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    Holy crap! I wonder what that person’s first language is? They really should get someone to proofread for them.
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    Someone needs to take some remedial classes.

    That was painful to read. Hard to tell what happened.
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    From what I could understand, I think one driver went around a double parked UPS truck and hit someone head on. The guy who sued has mental and physical injuries as a result.
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    I a speaks da Englishese....
  7. Essex is north of London, England. (E-bonics the
    United Kingdom way).
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    @cheryl seems pretty familiar with the English language.
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    How can a parked car cause an accident. And how many cars was Mr. Folassobgoum driving, anyway?
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    Every OTHER one.
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    According to a settlement reached through the events earlier than trial, because the jury observed causation, the court docket will mildew the decision to consist of a medical insurance lien of $195,408.52,
    What the hell does" mildew the decision "mean?