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Man Remembers It Summer Solstice After Noticing Group Of Pagans :censored2:ing In Ring Of Fire
TULSA, OK—Saying he had almost completely forgotten the longest day of the year was approaching, local resident Phil Garrison suddenly remembered it was the summer solstice Friday after noticing a group of pagans :censored2:ing in a ring of fire while walking to work. “Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about the midsummer until I smelled the scent of rendered goat fat in the air and saw a bunch of worshippers writhing around a bonfire in a feast of flesh,” said Garrison, ...
At press time, a naked Garrison was spotted throwing his clothes into the flames and approaching the pagans to offer them some of his semen for the upcoming fertility rites.


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The Summer Solstice is the longest day of daylight of the year. We lose one minute of daylight after the solstice all the way up to the Winter Solstice. Then we gain one minute of daylight until next years Summer Solstice.


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Brother I wish! Too much rain here in Kentucky. Everything has been flooded and muddy. We are over 3 inches over precipitation this time last year. Last year was the wettest on record. Haven't fished since late April. I am jonesing!
Sorry to hear that my friend, you'll love your love more when you get to do it again. Best I have for you, I hope the best for you. I'm still boy at heart like you, we love what makes us happy. Wishes for your happiness .... soon.
Take care brother:thumbup1:.