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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by christian c, Jun 17, 2009.

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    Im a loader and I have a very difficult cage to handle; a couple of my cars are ALWAYS stacked to the ceiling. Most days i can load my cars on time (just barely), but others there is no way one human could do it unless maybe he or she hit the meth pipe. My sup knows this and sometimes will empty my cages for one rev so i can make it, but the union steward won't allow this. I'm in the union but I dont think my sup is taking work away from me because I'll still clock out right at 9 o clock. Is there anything I can do?
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    You can only do what's humanly possible. It's not the sups job to work. If it's not possible for you to do all he work, the sup should find another hourly to help you.
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    Yea, our old Over is back. :happy-very:
  5. you could see if your supe would give you more time to complete the job...but I doubt that will work. I had a guy who couldn't wrap his set and started him a bit earlier and caught holy hell for it. The funny thing is he no longer misloads (for the most part) and he wraps (while also being able to help others). Don't feel bad though, at our building we pound it out of the unload and make a mess of the outbounds and the result is simple...the areas that get help, wrap, the ones that don't? don't. Sad thing is 90% of the help goes to the lighter areas of the building...which is of course, brilliant. :wink2:
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    If an employee ask for a supervisor's help, then can the supervisor assist the employee? Not too sure where I heard this. Maybe my full timer.

    But, more then likely the steward is questioning as to why another hourly from the Hub has not been brought in to help. If, for whatever reason, the company is unable to locate another hourly employee to work in the building, what cards does the supervisor have to play in order to assure service? Start building a case against the employee to fire him? Train him? (If the employee sign the Pitts that he is being re-trained, can the supervisor continue to help him?). Just curious.
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    I am SO glad I am not union!! My sups help me out when I'm overwhelmed and I appreciate it when they do. It takes team effort to get the job done on some days. How can you be a team when the union constantly gets in the way? It's sort of sad when you think about. :sad-very:
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    Maybe if the company would put more help in the building, you could have a complete "team" you mention.... You cant be a successful football team with only 9 players on the field to cut down on your costs
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    He may not be taking the work away from you, but he is taking it away from someone else.

    What he is doing is part of the standard management technique of deliberately understaffing the operation and then using supervisors to "help out".

    If their expectations for you were realistic, and the operation was given adequate manpower, there would be no need for your sup to "help" you at all.
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    Perhaps your sups should solve the problem by not "overwhelming" you in the first place.
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    I agree tourist24, if the problem existed daily, but the OP mentions that on MOST days they can get it done, but other days they can't. So on the days they can't, the team effort would work if the sup was allowed to offer the help. Don't you think?
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    No,,, the supervisor is not there to do hourly work (they have supervisor jobs to do).... he/she should get some other team member (union) to help out... problem solved
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    OK, so we will agree to disagree, if you will. I say we are all UPSers and we should all help out when needed. IMO it shouldn't matter what title or position the UPSer holds. It does not change my opinion. I am very happy to be a non-union employee and appreciate it when my sups help out whenever it is needed. :peaceful:
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    you remind me of Mr

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    We are not all upsers. Sups are upsers. Hourlys are teamsters.
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    I'm a UPSer hourly and proud of it! :bigsmile2:
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    Every day can not be a perfect day, especially at UPS. My sups don't overwhelm me. I actually work with an awesome management team.
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    Are you in a right to work state? No non-union hourlies here.

    Union doesn't get in the way, we have a contract that spells out who does what. When a sup does my work, he/she is stealing money out of my pocket.

    They know the volume and should staff the bldg with enough hourlies to get the job done. Not like its a big shocker when they understaff the building and can't wrap on time.

    My favorite is when they overstaff the primary, but take away from the outbounds and wonder why it doesn't work. DUH
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    On the other hand, Chris C, why don't you see if the steward will let the sup do the work, then grieve the time.

    It doesn't matter if we do the work, just that we get paid for the time it takes to do it.

    I'll gladly work right next to a sup all day, and get paid for 16 hrs.