Supply Chain Woes and a Labor Shortage Are No Match for These 3 Value Stocks


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Supply Chain Woes and a Labor Shortage Are No Match for These 3 Value Stocks - The Motley Fool

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Daniel Foelber (UPS):
In September, FedEx (NYSE:FDX) missed big on earnings and lowered its fiscal year (FY) 2022 guidance due to labor market uncertainty and supply chain issues. In late October, UPS reported its best Q3 in company history and raised its full-year 2021 guidance and operating margin. Even more impressive, UPS is generating strong results and expects to finish the year spending just $4.2 billion in capital expenditures, which is significantly lower than in years past.

Given the similarities between FedEx and UPS, it may seem odd that one company is struggling while the other is thriving. However, a closer look shows that UPS was better prepared than FedEx in making sure it could deliver this holiday season.

For example, FedEx said it will struggle to hire 90,000 additional workers needed to satisfy peak demand but UPS thinks it will deliver record-high consolidated operating profit and expand margins in the fourth quarter. "On the labor front, we've digitized and simplified our job application process, enabling qualified applicants to receive a job offer within 30 minutes of applying. In parts of the country, labor costs are higher than they were last year, but we are effectively managing through that cost pressure," said UPS CEO Carol Tomé on the company's Q3 2021 earnings call.

UPS didn't shy away from supply chain challenges, saying there are "capacity, congestion, and cost concerns."