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    ive asked this question befor but i didnt get many responds,maybe now ill get more..i have a visable tattoo on my fore arm,it can be coverd with a ACE my question is can i be a package car driver with a visable tat? ive herd it depends on ur hub,but any advice would help...oh and a couple of days ago a driver deliverd to my house and he had a tattoo on his ankle..his sox could have coverd the tat but he didnt bother,he had on small sox so it was full blown does that mean that my hub in my area is ok with tats?
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    I was hired HEAVILY TATTOOED...... after our last contract it seems it has become an issue company wide , I have been questioned about certain ink , and been warned that drivers in NJ have been forced to cover their ink ( long sleeves / pants year round ) From wheat I hear new hires may have no visible ink
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    In my building (Maryland) we had one driver who has a decent size tat on his (right?) forearm who has been a driver for about 3 years. Up until recently he had to wear long shirts and pants year round, but I guess he fought it long enough and they allow him to wear short sleeves.

    You COULD do what many guys told this driver I'm talking about. Wear long sleeves to cover your tats when you go into the hub, and as soon as you get on route, switch to a short sleeve shirt. :D
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    Tatoo policy varies building to building. I have on on my calf and no one says anything other driver have them all over there arms and nobody says anything to them. However if you don't wear your UPS socks when wearing shorts you might have a problem.
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    thanks for the responses guys..i think ill do what superballs said lol :)
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    Mike I suggest you talk to your hub manager.
    Getting caught on area in a short sleeve when you are supposed to be limited to long, could create problems for you that you don't want.
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    Building policy varies widely, but the National Policy, agreed to by both UPS and the Union, is that UPS cannot make you cover up a tattoo on your arms, unless vulgar or offensive.

    Anywhere else on your body, legs etc, UPS can make you cover it up via long pants, higher socks, makeup (yes, it is acceptable to apply makeup to a tat to cover it, but on hot days, it may need touch up during the day to keep it covered)

    Some buildings don't make you cover up tats anywhere on your body.

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    Please provide a link.
  9. Mugarolla

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    Don't have a copy of the decision, wish I did.

    10 some years ago, a grievance on a leg tattoo went to the JAC. Decision of the panel was that UPS can make you cover a tattoo anywhere except for your arms. Something about a lot of ex military, back in the hayday, coming to work at UPS with tattoos on their arms.

    This decision was shortly after shorts were given as an option. (We had to buy them ourselves back then.)

    That's what started the whole thing. Drivers were now showing their legs, and tattoos on their legs. Panel said that shorts were a comfort item and that the driver must cover the leg tattoos or elect not to wear the shorts.

    Anyone with access to JAC decisions, and the time to root through them, can find it.

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    oh ok,i did not know all this..well hopefully they wont make me cover it up,but if they do,im gonna try to ask if i can wear an ACE wrap..i herd some wher on here that i can wear an ACE to cover up my tattoo