Taxpayers Win as the Postal Service Gives the Boot

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    Taxpayers Win as the Postal Service Gives the Boot - American Conservative

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) faces no shortage of issues, from billions of dollars in annual financial losses to declining consumer service marks. Fortunately, the beleaguered agency recently made a small change for the better, divorcing itself from a disastrous relationship with a prominent postage buyer and reseller—

    USPS pulled the plug after years of selling postage to small companies and organizations at unsustainably low rates. The USPS’s nixing of its deeply flawed “exclusive partnership” is no panacea, and the agency still has a long way to go in shoring up its finances. But by saying “no” to a terrible, lopsided agreement, the Postal Service has set a welcome precedent that other agencies could stand to follow.