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    I have been a TCD driver in the Mesquite, TX hub (Dallas area) for 3 years and just recently my center lost 20 routes to our downtown Dallas center. Since we have lost those routes I have not been working as much and a lot of the fulltimers are even going home. In the Mesquite hub we have 4 different centers that operate routes in Dallas. The problem is I have some buddies in another center (not hub) that I have seniority on that have not been affected by losing these routes that are working everyday still. My center manager said I can't bump them because I'm in a different center and my local is not sure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought TCD seniority was based off hub start date. It doesn't seem correct that another TCD with several years less seniority is working daily and I'm not due to my center losing these routes.

    THX in advance.
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    I'm out of Fort Worth and we just lost some routes to DFW. Many changes going on in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Some people getting routes with less than 2 years full time while depending on your hub, some guys are still covering routes after 10 15 years!!
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    I would transfer to DFW, but I was told I can not.
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    Have you had any luck getting a resolution to your inquiry?

    Do you have a copy of you Contract? If so, go to Article 49 Section 7(F).

    "(F) Once a part-time employee qualifies as a coverage driver they will be assigned to a specific Center for work opportunities. In a multi-center building, if there is more than (1) opening for a TCD, it will be awarded in seniority order."

    File a grievance if you feel the contract language can support your claim.

    PS. I love the comment on the Local "not being sure". Sounds like you need to complain to you Local's President.
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    That is partially correct. You can't follow the work as a TCD. However, you are considered a part-time employee and as such, you may be able to follow the part-time position of Pre-loader to the new location. I say "may" because I don't know if any of the affected pre-loaders chose to follow their work. If they didn't, I would think the Center should have posted those jobs for your center's employees to bid on and you could use that as an avenue to get to the new location.
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    Monthly meeting tomorrow morning and best of luck with both!