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    So is it true that UPS cannot use technology to discipline drivers? That they actually have to catch them red handed? Let me throw a couple of examples out there.

    Scenario 1:
    Person A misdelivers a package to point a. Goes back later to realize he left it at the wrong place brings it to point b where it was supposed to go. Customer calls and says they didn't get the package but later it turns out they did. center manager or on road uses gps and finds out the coordinates are point a instead of b. Can they use this to discipline the driver if the driver says "i don't recall" or something to that effect?

    Scenario 2:
    Driver's records show he delivered a stop five miles away from where he currently is two seconds ago.

    Scenario 3:
    Driver's delivery records show him delivering stops in two second increments that are a whole block apart.

    The reason I am asking this is because technology does have a way of being wrong sometimes. Case in point, was pulled into the office and my center manager tells me he observed me from time x to time y and in that time i was no where near the streets that where on my records for those times. I looked at him stupidly and said i didn't even deliver to those streets that day, and he didn't believe me till that evening when he realized that ODSe had printed out two different day's records with the same date. Still waiting for my apology.
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    management can discipline u for anything you want

    u can be wrote up for sneezing on the clock

    you file a grievance, which never gets heard, and you call your business agent 4 times a day for a month, never getting through
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    You worry too much.
    If you're generally doing your job then making an honest mistake every now and then is no big deal. Don't try and lie about it (especially if a customer called in), that really will get you in trouble.
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    No it is not true. Technology other than telematics can be used for discipline. The contract states GPS or other technology alone will not be used for the first offense for discipline. Do your job correctly and it's never an issue.

    Telematics at this point has been proven very unreliable and is not recognized by the Union for discipline.
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    If you do your job like you are suppose to technology is a non issue.

    Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes just own up to them when ask and move on. When Sup ask you about why you did something they usually already know the answer they just want to hear what you have to say and if it true or not.
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    I wonder why they're investing millions to roll it out to the rest of the country?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I think we'll get the answer when they rewrite the technology portion of the contract in 2013.
  9. srvhero

    srvhero "leastbest" would be great if we had a strong union to represent us.......2013 is going to be way ugly...stay thirsty my friends.
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    What exactly do you do to help your Union help you. Besides badmouth them on the internet?
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    went to a union meeting today (local 270) they said that in order for it to actually stick they had to observe you doing something wrong. They can write you up but it won't actually stick without proof that has been observed.
  12. grgrcr88

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    once again, it depends on the offense and the technology being used. Do not think that you can get away with murder just because no one seen you commit it.
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    Interesting but not relevant ... what does UPS say? And more important, what does the arbitrator say?
    Don't listen to locker room lawyers ...
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    The locker room lawyers read from the same Contract that UPS signed and agreed to, and that any arbitrator is bound to follow. All are in agreement, though UPS does not always follow what it has agreed to.

    Technology is notoriously unreliable. There is a reason the results of so-called Lie Detector Tests are not allowed in Court, as every locker room lawyer knows.

    Some exerpts on technology from the Contract:

    ARTICLE 6.
    Section 4. Technological Change
    8. No employee shall be discharged on a first offense if such discharge is based solely upon information received from GPS or any successor system unless he/she engages in dishonesty (defined for the purposes of this paragraph as any act or omission by an employee where he/she intends to defraud the Company). The degree of discipline dealing with off-area offenses shall not be changed because of the use of GPS.

    No applicant for employment and no employee will be required to take any form of a lie detector test as a condition of employment. Upon request, an employee or the Union may inspect the record of an employee’s time recorded on the DIAD or other device for previous days’ work. An employee will be permitted to examine the operation record for the current pay period for the purpose of ascertaining his/her hours worked. If an employee has an issue with his/her hours worked for a particular day, the Employer will provide the employee, upon written request, with a print out of his/her hours worked.

    The Employer shall not alter the information from the DIAD board, or information recorded through the use of any other technology, so as to diminish an employee’s compensable time, without the employee’s knowledge. Further, the Employer shall post for an employee’s review, a copy of the PTE edits for each day. No supervisor shall use a DIAD, or any other information recorded through the use of any other technology, under the name of an hourly employee unless the employee is present. This includes for the purpose of training and demonstration. . . .

    Section 1.
    (d) No employee shall be disciplined for exceeding personal time based on data received from the DIAD/IVIS or other information technology.
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    Don't work yourselves up about 2013. The world is supposed to end in 2012!:wink2:
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If that is true than why am I working so hard to get out of debt?!
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    In case the prediction is wrong?

    Remember all the lights were supposed to go out at 00:00 hrs + 1 second Jan 1, 2000

    Didn't happen either
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    Those dopey people on a Wife Swap show were believers in the world ending in 2012. They were charging big ticket items like crazy without the ability to pay. Are they ever going to be surprised (and bankrupt) when 2012 rolls around.
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    They are using GPS to fire people in my building.

    One guy sheeted a few stops all at the same time. Reason was some were closed on fridays like dentist, dr, etc.

    He was not trying to pad numbers or avoid work either. They are all on the known closed list yet they load them on the truck sometimes.

    We have to sheet every box every day so he just saves them up and sheets them all at once. He could drive to all 4 of them and waste gasoline and make more overtime but he thought he was doing the company a favor.

    GPS is being used so go to every stop even if they moved. COVER YOUR ASS!

    Also sheet up all oca's at the point of pickup too!