Tennessee/Georgia Border Dispute

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This is an issue that seems to be picking up allot of steam lately. Basically, Georgia is wanting to have have their border moved up a bit so they can have access to water from the Tennessee River because they (primarily Atlanta) are going through a drought. As a resident of Tennessee I think the whole thing is crazy but I travel to Georgia allot and many of the people I know down there thinks it's nuts too. Evidently there are quite a few that don't see it that way because it's becoming a huge issue. Is a state supposed to redraw it's borders every time a neighboring state is in trouble? Sounds like B.S. to me.



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Is that the one claiming the borders were drawn up wrong 200 years ago? If so, they should have said something then. Too late now.

Try moving it and we'll turn Smokey lose on Uga.


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I think the folks you talked with in Georgia pretty much reflect the overall thinking of the average Georgia folk as this idea just being stupid. I for one think it's political grandstanding by inept politicians in Georgia who's drive for unmangaged growth in the region, specifically the Atlanta area, has caused the problem to begin with.

Even if, and I think this is all but impossible, but let's say these idiot politicians got their way it's still not a done deal that they can draft water from the Tn. River. That waterway is under federal jurisdiction by way of the Corp. of Engineers and I'm not convinced at this point that they will let them draft water from it.

This is just Georgia politicians and a governor grasping at straws IMO.


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Hey Vols,

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Most folks around here think that this dispute is ridiculous. The drought of last Summer just made it obvious that an area like Atlanta in size needs to plan better and control its growth. Georgia has been fussing with Florida and Alabama about how much water the Army Corps of Engineers drains out of Lakes Allatoona and Lanier for years. I think it is crazy for some idiot politician to drag out a two hundred year surveying mistake to try to fix our water shortage. Maybe our state legislature will try to get water out of North and South Carolina next.

We have been getting a lot of rain lately. Lake Allatoona is full again, and Lake Lanier is in better shape. There are several new water reservoirs filling up slowly or under construction. As Americans, we have been brought up to waste our natural resources and not think twice about it. We all need to realize that we need to take better care of our environment and natural resources, they will only go so far.


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what I find laughable is if I allowed my neighbor to maintain and use a piece of my legally owned land for a long enough period of time that neighbor can then make a legal stake on that land and make it their own. Considering they are disputing a two hundred year old survey I believe the issue is long since settled. The land is part of Tennesee and they need to start managing their utilities better. The statute of limitations has long since run out for Georgia to be able to claim that land.