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    Is there anything in the TOS that prevents us from registering an additional "name"

    My idea is for us to be able to register just the generic station identifier to post card signing locations.

    If you think this is a good idea, say in a few days just sign up with your 4 digit station identifier and we can work from there....

    Only need one person from each station to post times and dates...

    We can use all the legal advice from some that know union law in regards to managements ability to crash the party or interfere in organizing.

    Maybe an IBT rep to help
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  2. cheryl

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    Multiple identities are allowed as long as you're not using them to create an impression of more support for a position than actually exists (usually called meatpuppetry) or using an alternative account to carry on a discussion with an account operated by the same person.
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    This stuff still makes me giggle.

    To be up after midnight and to
    go to bed then, is early; so that to go to bed
    after midnight is to go to bed betimes.
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    Meatpuppets !!!!! :surprised:
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    Tell Dano.