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    I'm new to this board but noticed there are a lot of us on here from Texas.. My guess is that us being in a "Right to work state" We are seeing the brunt of it?
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    What is going on within Express right now has nothing to do with whether one is on a right-to-work state or in a non right-to-work state.

    Right-to-work merely affects the direct employer-employee relationship. It has NOTHING to do with how a business chooses to operate itself - or to realign itself to changing business conditions (or whims of executive management).

    As to the preponderance of posters having listed Texas as their state of residence - I'd imagine the reason has more to do with climate than anything else. It is hot there, damn hot, very hot. Spending one's time outside in that heat isn't a pleasant way to spend time. Sitting in an air conditioned room playing around on a forum is probably preferable to going outside and melting.

    Elsewhere in the country, a preponderance of people are outside doing stuff in the early evening.

    There also seems to be a preponderance of single people from Texas posting. I'm sure this correlates to the observed pattern. Single people in locations which are hot have time to play on a computer - and not worry about chasing kids - or going out for an evenings entertainment (since they work for Fred, they don't have the funds to go out too often...).
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    Good to hear was thinking of transferring .
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    Believe me it's not the Texans who are staying inside, it's all the transplants from around the country. Texans, like everyone who grew up in a Gulf Coast state, take the heat like a Russian handles winter. I grew up in Central Florida. We used fans, no a/c, when I was a kid. Used to wear coats below 65 degrees.
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    Please explain the growing number of businesses/corporations moving all or part of their operation to RTW states.
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    Two factors...

    First, to get out of states where unions have a presence.

    Manufacturing companies which only need a footprint in a handful of states, ARE making efforts to relocate out of non right-to-work states, to potentially utilize a pool of non-unionized labor in RTW states (Boeing is a key example). They OPERATE identically (Boeing isn't going to change how they manufacture an aircraft in South Carolina, as opposed to Washington state), the COST structure to operate in a RTW state is usually lower - thus the rationale to relocate.

    Express, is a service company that has a presence in all 50 states - therefore its business operations cannot be shifted to states with preferable business conditions. Express operates identically in all 50 states (with minor variations to account for individual state labor law). What Express is doing right no has NOTHING to do with RTW status, and EVERYTHING to do with restructuring itself and taking advantage of its RLA status to prevent any unionization attempt whatsoever.

    The thread started off suggesting that what is going on within Express has something to do with a poster being within a right-to-work state, not the case.

    Second, there is a direct correlation between corporate tax rates in RTW states, compared to corporate tax rates in non-RTW states.

    States with RTW laws aren't just more business friendly due to the labor laws, they are more friendly due to corporate taxation practices. These states are more willing to offer incentives to corporations to relocate (forbearance of taxes, incentives to build and providing of other financial incentives to expand).