Texting while driving

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    What an idiot.

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    This is so true. I see so many people on the road texting and talking on their cell. Most do not use a bluetooth. They are very careless. When I see someone in front of me using their cell, I stay back. Not taking any chances.
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    I want to keep a sign in my car that reads, "Hang Up and DRIVE !!!"

    Even though we have a law, I still see many drivers holding phones to ears. I could flash them the sign !! (as a passenger, of course)
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    It took the state of Maryland two years before they could enact a ban on texting while driving. How insane is that.:angry:
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    No, that is not insane whatsoever. Would you want to be pulled over for looking at your cell phone or navigation, and ticketed for texting on your phone wrongly because the officer didn't know better from a distance?

    It's very touchy ground actually. I think it's idiotic people text while driving or do anything that IS NOT driving. I also think it's pretty stupid you can get pulled over for texting because it opened the can of worms; does the officer or anyone else REALLY know whats going on in with the driver and can prove it?
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    Sleeve, I think what Wily was getting at was that it actually took a state law to get stupid people to stop being stupid.
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    Don't forget train engineer who killed 25 and injured over 100
    last September in L.A. as he ran a red light and smacked into
    a freight train while texting.

    Until common sense prevails, I see nothing wrong with hard and
    fast laws regarding this. A quick glance at a GPS system or your
    cell is hardly going to raise any alarms. But if a cop can see from a distance that you're not paying attention, good for him. He probably saved a life. And if you know anyone who works in an E.R., enough said.

    A letter to the editor in my paper today sent in by an ex race car driver and motorcycle safety instructor responded well to this issue:

  9. UnsurePost

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    Doesn't read that way to me; looks like finger pointing at the state of Maryland
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    We don't have handsfree laws here but yesterday i did witness 3 seperate local police officers talking on the phone while driving. And you could tell they were casual conversations by how they were sitting in the car and leaning on the door to prop the phone up. Nothing like leading by example, i guess. :knockedout:
  11. dilligaf

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    I can see what you are saying. Actually I can see both sides of the point. It took Az. years (more than just 2) just to get a ban on talking on a cell phone while driving. And even if it is pointing a finger at the state, maybe they need to have a finger pointed at them. Texting while driving is deadly. And since some people lack enough common sense to police themselves, someone else has to do it for them.

    I like the way Sammie put it. A quick glance is not what the problem is and more likely than not an officer would never notice it. But texting is a whole different situation. Your eyes are away from the road for an extended period of time. That is what causes accidents.
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    I cant even text without difficulty, sitting still, parked.
  13. badpal.

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    This pisses me off. I think it's selfish to be concerned with your cell phone while your responsible for the safe transport of others, not to mention the safety of other motorists being that your in a huge vehicle. Nothing on that cell phone is more important than focusing on the task at hand which involves the safety of others. Personally, I don't text or conduct a call while operating the package car. I don't feel that anything is THAT important on my cell phone that I have to text or use it without a headset while driving. JMHO
  14. stevetheupsguy

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    What's texting? Here's pictures from an email I received. This happened because of texting.

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    In NJ texting or not using a "hands free" device is illegal, that being said I've often seen police officers with the cell phone to there ears. All the laws really can do, is if there is a serious accident, they can get the records to see if ANY of the drivers involved were texting or talking on the phone. This is what they did in the train wreck mentioned previously. If I recall he'd sent a text message shortly before the crash.
  16. stevetheupsguy

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    Those laws and safety compliance, go hand in hand. They only serve to punish, not deter. JMHO
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    Thats just crazy,I couldn't imagine overriding an oncall with additional text while driving with the diad ,and using a cell to text my wife at the same time...I only have 2 hands. Note when texting,leave 12 car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you.
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    Not sure I catch the implied reason that Bluetooth would make it safer. It is not so much the glance way or dialing or holding the phone up to one's ear that causes accidents.
    It's the distraction of talking to someone else rather than concentrating on driving.
    I've known 5 (maybe more) people, one my daughter, that had an accident because they were talking to someone else in the car.
    It scares the crap out of me to see someone driving and turning to the person in the passenger seat while talking. Eye to eye contact is not necessary to talk to someone especially while driving.

    Agree with all that badpal's wife.

    My wife and my other boss say, "I called you but you didn't answer."
    That's right ... I was driving. Leave a message and I'll call you back when it's safe.
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    lol, i'm badpal #2...not his wife. i'm sure he wouldn't like it if his wife had man parts:surprised:
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    Sorry. I thought badpal with a period would be a woman.