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  1. Wouldn`t it be great if UPS sponsored a precision driving contest in 3 categories,the P5 P8 and the P10...disconnect the camera and back up within an inch without touching,drive between narrow obsticles.I think that pretty much every pkg car driver thinks he`s probobly the best driver on the road,it would be a lot of fun for us from alabama to alaska to have a little contest,see who`s the best.
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    I'd a done it last year---in my beautiful P7. That truck was 3yrs old & we were gonna retire together. No blemishes, automatic trans; just a beautiful truck, etc.
    NOT NOW!!!! Our center lost all 5 of those trucks---300 miles away & in another state. Now we have junk & breakdowns weekly. A FRONT WHEEL fell off (40 mph) of a 3200 while mgt was swapping it out---seems the driver could tell something was wrong & had mgt bring another one out. Our mechanic for 20 years is ready to quit.
    This is an automotive deRECTive (as in RECTAL) made high up the ladder---you know,by the guys who've never worked on a truck (or driven one)!!
    So now driver & mgt's morale is very low, & so are the #'s. We have very few new and/or nice vehicles & we are a high mileage center.
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    All we have are pieces of junk. We are still running a P600 that was built in 1969.
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    Same with us. We have crap. About 3 years ago on a route I lost brakes and the clutch. I looked out the driver side mirror, and saw one of the dual wheels out the side of the wheel well. The mechanic told me thank goodness you weren't doing 65 MPH on the freeway or I would have lost the axle. Nice to know the old POS that we drive are safe.
  5. Back in the day we used to have a saftey rodeo every year. It was on a Sat. they had a course set up and timed each driver as he went through it. They had lot's of good prizes. I won a "big" t.v. one year a 19" inch. Hey that was a big set 20 yrs ago. Anyway we would all bring out our wives & kids, and there was always plenty of food.And the co. paid for all of it.Those days like the t.v. I won are long gone. Too bad
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    It would be great!! but from the sounds of it, it wouldnt be fair to compete in my brand new automatic P7.
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    It would be nice to have a family oriented event, I remember a few, but no more. Heck the preload gets breakfast, the reload gets food, we get to eventually finish our day. And we get to answer safety questions before we get handed our paycheck, duhhhh.
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    Oh now let's get real!
    UPS REALLY cares about our safety!
    That is why we have a P8 that the front wheel has broken off of twice in less than a year. (maybe 6 months)
    The mechanic blames it on "cheap Chinese bearings"
    I have previously posted about the P5 I am driving that will not get up to highway speed in less than several miles.
    Again, the mechanic has told us that he knows exactly what the problem is and the company will not allow him to spend the money to fix it.
    We also know-the engine is flat worn out.
    Our building is a high milage building that has a rapidly increasing road call incident rate. We also get the junk sent to us from the major metro centers. I have posted about this in the past.
    Working at UPS makes me feel the love that the company has- and my opinion is that it is only about more money, not employee or customer safety.
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    That would be cool to have a family oriented event, like everyone was saying a "rodeo". Other companies have it, but you have to think of terms of "what benefit will it have to the price of the stock".

    Yah, what ever. mysporhispoor has it right. Those days are long gone.
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    There was a time if it was slippery enough (ice with a little water on it) that I could do some dirty drifting in my old 800. Backing up to a loading dock without a camera was no problem either. Just keep going until your head slammed into the bulkhead when you hit the dock. :happy2:
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    LOL that was our old UPS ROD !!!! today that would be an accident & you would hve to be re/trained lol lol lol
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    I used to drift my P500(GMC chassis, 4.3 motor) around corners on dirt roads. Approach the corner at 25 or so, twich the steering wheel to break the rear end loose, head for the apex of the corner, then mash the hell outa the gas......
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    why do u all need a camera to back up a package car that is 1/3 the size of a semi

    a rodeo in package cars would be pretty boring, i think a 16 year old girl could drive a package car
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    Boy Howdy Rocket, you said a mouthful.

    I'll ignore to obvious flame baiting maroon.

    We used to have the Safety Rodeo here but year after year the attendance dropped to a level that management discontinued it.
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    We went through that. Now every PC is under 2 yrs old. All autos. Even our replacement PC`s are new. We just had 15 3 yr old autos replaced with brand spankin new ones.
    By the way, what is &amp mean?
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    here is a brown derby jacket
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    Covemastah And the Reign Of Terror Continues!! Pats # 6 !!!

    yeah O.K on a pallet freight boy!!