The demise of the dollar

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    wkmac will love that story, he's been always posting about the Fiat Currency and that it's going to end.
    And he's right !
  3. Not just him, there are others... New opportunities, different what we have now...
    Why a Dollar & Euro Collapse Is Guaranteed - YouTube
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    On This Day post I missed, 24 Jan 1848, an event occurred in Coloma that would radically impact the history of California
    and the Nation. James W. Marshall was building a sawmill for Captain John Sutter, using water from the South Fork
    of the American River. He noticed several flakes of metal in the tailrace water and recognized them to be gold. Though
    he tried to keep it a secret, the word spread quickly, and triggered the California Gold Rush of 1849.
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    Tomorrow on this date 10 years ago, this was the value of the US dollar compared to the Canadian dollar (pretty much the begiining of the Bush presidency).

    [TABLE="class: rates sortable series"]
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    [TD]$1US = C$1.6027
    [TD] 1C$ = $US 0.6239

    5 years after Bush :
    [TABLE="class: rates sortable series"]
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    [TD] 1US$ = C$0.9215
    [TD] 1C$ = US$ 1.0852


    Today (Jan 27th, 2012) they are trading exactly at par (C$1.00 = US$1.00)
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    Where Herman Cain, the former Kansas City Federal Reserve President, got it wrong about laziness being the root cause of being poor (micro factor not macro and Cain knows it too) is that had the poor earned $1000 dollars and put it under the mattress (equivalent to non interest bank account) and held the money for 10 years, that $1000 in value would in fact be of much less value. Cain actually defends this monetary monster so there you go and another reason I never gave Cain a moments thought. Where the so-called liberal class miss the mark completely when it comes to the poor and their condition, they throw so much of everyone else's money to fix the problem when the root problem is the very money itself. Besides, the middle class has been working it's ass off for years, first dad worked more hours, mom started working part time and then mom went fulltime and now some of the kids are working and yet still the middle class is losing ground and losing ground fast. Taking the Herman Cain approach, all you worthless MFers out there are just lazy and just not stepping up with the necessary effort.

    Oh boy, now let's wait for it..............
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    Ofcourse Americans are losing ground ! Take the $100 barrell of oil for example.
    It doesn't cost Canadians a penny more then 10 years ago at $60 a barrell !
    Oil was and is still paid in US dollars.
    $60 US was back then $100 Canadian dollars for a barrell.
    Same price as today ! (for us and for Aussies, Swiss, and many other countries).

    The US population took the hit and still do.
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    First off, all oil around the globe by international law is traded in US dollars and has been that way for a long time. The hegemonic global military power of the US around the globe has nothing to do with defense against physical threat to the mainland US but is about protecting the dollar status as the global dominate currency. The massive increase in the last few years of US dollar currency (major part of our debt) has been to flood global markets with dollars (ever cheaper dollars I might add) to push out currency competitors while the US taxpayer and future taxpayers payback that debt directly in debt service and in the most evil of all taxes, the hidden tax in inflation. In the meantime, most voters are fixated on Moe, Curly or Larry under the ruse "Anybody but that damn ******!" What happens if they get Moe, Curly or Larry and not only nothing changes but it gets worse? Never happen you say? Ask a lot of 2008' Obama supporters who at least had the courage to wake up and realize this game really is rigged regardless who wins!

    Lastly, you play the same silly game looking at your currency from the view of it being pegged to the dollar and then your gov't adjusting it's currency in relation too. Admirable on one hand but it's a false illusion. Start looking deeper, much deeper. The truth is, your country and it's leaders hit their knees every time the American leaders unzip their fly!

    The reality of your currency.

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    Mac, your missing the last 1o years ! I wished you had those numbers.
    Inflation was also much higher in the 80's and 90's then in the past 10 years, including interest rates.

    What did I post the other day on the Canada thread ? Average weekly wage earnings for an Albertan is $1057 in 2011. With another estimated increase of 5% in 2012.
    That alone makes up for it, besides anything imported from the US being sold cheaper here then I have ever seen.
    Including groceries, produce, wines, and even electronics from Asia.
    And how can I forget vacations ! :)
    Finally we can travel for cheap, and our currency goes a lot further then it ever has before.

    IN 1991, my first trip to Florida, it was tough paying $1.65 for $1 US dollar - it was one hell of an expensive vacation.
    I remember buying a Heineken can at the beach. It was $2.25 , but with tip an even $3.00.
    But, in Canadian dollars, around $5.50. Even just renting a car was near a 50% mark up there.
    I tell you, you didn't have many Canadian cross border shoppers back then !

    Now America can't get rid of us - we keep on comming ! :)
    Cheaper to vacation in the US than it is here at home, in our own country.
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    The primary reason for the turn-around in the Canadian-US conversion is the Canadian government's limiting of the derivatives market. Financing and selling of those instruments were much more conservative than in the US and Europe. Kudos to the real conservatives in the Canadian government.
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    All this considered, who can blame the Chinese for manipulating their currency relative to the dollar? They'd be stupid not to.
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    These little fellers are even more funny than Ron Paul even though they say the same things.
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    There can't be a true collapse because we will simply make up what things are worth. Big picture is that's all we do anyway.
  16. It can be true, the way I see it is new way of thinking and living and if we still have this system, people won't stand for a new FED.
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    It is funny but at the same time a great primer for those who don't understand the danger of central banking.
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    In a nutshell, let's say all central banking went away at 10am Monday morning. What would replace it and how? And why would the financial powers that be allow that to happen? Even if it may be for the good of the world, I think there is evidence to show that the rich and powerful don't necessarily give a crap about that. They would rather not be supplanted.