The Election Blowout?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by av8torntn, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Urban = dependency on others
    Rural = Self-dependency

    Urban = loss of individuality; group think
    Rural = maintain individuality; individualism
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    Another conclusion: 62 million want him....55 million don't want him..period.
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    Any idiot knows the populous in those red areas are no comparision to the blue areas.

    Per capita fellows, learn the term.
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    Coastal/Urban= Educated, Competative, Survival of the fittest, Open Minded, Free Thinkers, Progressors, Innovaters, Intergrators

    Rural= GED, Confedrate flags, Backwoods Stills, squeal like a pig banjo players, Chicken in the bread pin, pickin' out dough, fried chicken w/ biscuits and gravy and everybody does the Watermelon Crawl...:wink2:

    In all seriousness, Am I sterotyping ? Of course I am, but to those who cling to sterotypical beliefs, maybe you ought to come out to the Coast and take a dive into the Ocean and remember where we all came from.......Or, rediscover rural nature, climb the highest mountain and get closer to the heavans.

    Ultimate Conclusion: we are all one and the same....Red Blooded Human Beings. Why continue to pull us apart?
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    So what term to we apply to the person who points out something that everyone already understood. :childish:

    I don't call them names like "idiot" but I do snicker at them.

    As I often say, people are often the funniest when they don't mean to be! :funny:
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    No is what it is.

    As for me personally, "Cause I'm a hater!" ROTFLMAO
    Ask Paidslave :knockedout:
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    Is that why the Mississippi delta voted for Obama?
  9. Baba gounj

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    Those darn voting ballots were so confusing.
    Why can't they just put up pictures of the candidates instead of all those fancy printed words ?
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    Well I dont live in the delta but there were free meals a-flowing at the churches where voting was taking place. I never heard of vote-n-eat.
    I know you get juice and a cookie at blood drives, but never saw it at voting places.
    Oh well we just need to get over it. It will all be Ok.
    Just bury your head in the sand.
  11. over9five

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    "Why continue to pull us apart?"

    I said the same thing to the Democrats the last two times that we won.

    Guess what? They NEVER stopped trying to pull us apart.
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    Hmmm does anybody actually live in the areas where the red is??? or is the red where all the vacant prairie and farm land is located? and desert i'll add, maybe there's bodies of water inside the red too, oh and I can't forget the mountains also :happy-very:
    I guess the south is all red and vacant after all the major hurricanes that the Bush administration ignored and no one got helped
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    I guess the red is where 48% of the American people who do not want Obama as President must live.
  14. tieguy

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    you don't think anyone lives in the red areas of the country?
  15. av8torntn

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    Here is another example using more than two colors. The darker the color the more votes were cast for that side. Kind of shows how close the election really was.

  16. stringerman85

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    That map reminds me of that space photo of the country at night where you can see all the lights from outer space, The blue area is where all the light is visible and the red is where you can't see.....I'm a geography nut, Yes I know there's people in that area, i'm just having fun :happy-very:
  17. Monkey Butt

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    [FONT=&quot]Satellite Picture at night[/FONT] of US:


    US Lights at night.jpg
  18. Overpaid Union Thug

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    CIVIC​S 101 3rd GRADE​
    From a teach​er in the Nashv​ille area

    We are worri​ed about​ "the cow" when it is all about​ the "Ice Cream​"​

    The most eye-​openi​ng civic​s lesso​n I ever had was while​ teach​ing third​ grade​ this year.​ The presi​denti​al elect​ion was heati​ng up and some of the child​ren showe​d an inter​est.​ I decid​ed we would​ have an elect​ion for a class​ presi​dent.​

    We would​ choos​e our nomin​ees.​ They would​ make a campa​ign speec​h and the class​ would​ vote.​

    To simpl​ify the proce​ss,​ candi​dates​ were nomin​ated by other​ class​ membe​rs.​ We discu​ssed what kinds​ of chara​cteri​stics​ these​ stude​nts shoul​d have.​ We got many nomin​ation​s and from those​,​ Jamie​ and Olivi​a were picke​d to run for the top spot.​

    The class​ had done a great​ job in their​ selec​tions​.​ Both candi​dates​ were good kids.​ I thoug​ht Jamie​ might​ have an advan​tage becau​se he got lots of paren​tal suppo​rt.​ I had never​ seen Olivi​a'​s mothe​r.​

    The day arriv​ed when they were to make their​ speec​hes Jamie​ went first​.​
    He had speci​fic ideas​
    about​ how to make our class​ a bette​r place​.​ He ended​ by promi​sing to do his very best.​ Every​ one appla​uded.​ He sat down and Olivi​a came to the podiu​m.​

    Her speec​h was conci​se.​ She said,​ "If you will vote for me, I will give you ice cream​.​"​ She sat down.​

    The class​ went wild.​ " Yes! Yes! We want ice cream​.​

    She surel​y would​ say more.​ She did not have to. A discu​ssion​ follo​wed.​ How did she plan to pay for the ice cream​?​ She wasn'​t sure.​ Would​ her paren​ts buy it or would​ the class​ pay for it. She didn'​t know.​ The class​ reall​y didn'​t care.​ All they were think​ing about​ was ice cream​.​

    Jamie​ was forgo​tten.​ Olivi​a won by a land slide​.​

    Every​ time Barac​k Obama​ opens​ his mouth​ he offer​s ice cream​,​ fifty​ perce​nt of the peopl​e react​ like nine year olds.​ They want ice cream​.​ The other​ fifty​ perce​nt know they'​re going​ to have to feed the cow and clean​ up the mess.​
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    Talk about timing, I read this about 10 minutes before I read your post above and IMO it ties in very nicely to the point made.
  20. scratch

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    "America the Illiterate". wkmac, this story and BAU's, nicely explains the recent election results.