The epitomy of RUDE results in a resignation.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Just when you thought republican operatives couldnt get anymore obnoxious, an aide to a tennessee legislator went all in on her comments on the Presidents Daughters.

    Those comments, which were completely uncalled for and tasteless, sparked outrage by many people who called for her to resign.

    Today, thankfully, she resigned in disgrace, but thats not all!!!!!

    Turns out, this woman as a teenager was arrested for shoplifting herself!

    Like every other republican with a big mouth, the "closet" seems to be the biggest hinderance to legitimacy.

  2. upswife75

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    I wonder if she felt the need to speak out about how the Bush twins had no class when they were getting busted for underage drinking.
  3. The Other Side

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    Of course not. She let her mouth get the best of her.

  4. soberups

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    You should learn to spell "epitome" correctly before sharing your wisdom with others.
  5. realbrown1

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    OMG. A republican operative? The only difference between a republican operative that talks smack and a democrat operative that does the same, is that the democrats will RALLY around their operative. They will not resign.
    Republicans hold their operatives accountable for their actions.
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