The failed fight to bar UPS from serving all of Ontario

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    The failed fight to bar UPS from serving all of Ontario - CBC

    In 1980, the U.S. parcel delivery company got provincial licence that its competitors opposed

    The Canadian post office and its package-delivering peers feared having to compete with the United Parcel Service.

    So much so, that they spent years opposing the bid by the giant U.S. delivery company — which delivered more packages than the U.S. Post Office — to get a licence to operate in an expanded manner across Ontario.

    They lost that fight, but not their outrage over seeing UPS trucks making deliveries throughout the province.

    "Their supporters say UPS is only interested in the profitable, business-oriented delivery market and that it will unfairly undercut the competition to get it," the CBC's Michael Vaughan told viewers on The National on Oct. 28, 1980.
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    A win -win for Canada. The Canadian Post Office is on strike every other month it seems. At least it used to be when we fished up there.
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    I can't believe a monopoly opposed competition. How else could they screw over their customers with artificially high rates.