The Glen Corbin Q and A

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    Has anyone else seen this? Although it's touted as a Q&A session, the video is about 95% Corbin and 5% questions, and the "questions" really don't get answered. Instead, we get a heavily edited propaganda commercial that almost exactly espouses the company line...over and over again. It's appears as though the editing removed anything controversial and kept everything supportive of FedEx. Watch the tape closely and see how many times they cut back to Corbin with the edits. Perhaps even the screened questions were too direct to air.

    While none of this is really surprising, why bother calling it a Q&A or "discussion" when it was nothing but a diatribe by Mr Corbin? At my station, the hoots and snide remarks drowned out the sound for much of the tape, and the senior had to repeatedly attempt to calm the couriers.

    When is this company going to figure out that we aren't buying what they are selling anymore? Upper management got slammed on the SFA for being out of touch, and this is the best they can do? No change, no "explanations" except the same old song and dance routines from someone who is a talking head politician that remarkably resembles Mike Tyson.

    I would love to see one of these guys actually field a real question for a change, like "why are top-out times still extended", or "where is our pension plan?" instead of carefully-screened butt-kissing softballs that Corbin can hit out of the park on the first pitch.
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    Nobody has seen this? Maybe it's just a Western region video.


    Haven't seen or heard anything about it. In our region, might just be my station for all I know, we're having to take some survey about management communication (I think, haven't done it yet) as soon as I know more I'll throw up here like cooked spaghettti and see if it sticks...
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    I'm guessing it was confined to the Western region DGO, or perhaps it bombed so badly that they decided against further broadcasts. As I indicated, it wasn't well-received at my station.
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    I just got told to watch the NorthEast VPs tape today. Haven't seen it yet. Will let you know how it goes when I get around to it.