The Great Generation that is Almost gone

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    My Father, Bless his Heart, is gone. He was one of millions of That Last Great Generation.
    They served and had a sense of duty and USA, with no protest, no regrets. They were right in their thinking and values.
    A few pics and memories to be posted, of those that stopped Hitler, Germany, Italy, and Japan of the 1930s to 1945.
    No DIS to to the present people of those countries. But MAY WE NEVER FORGET, so History does not repeat itself, and that
    young ones, with perverted ideas / values, might be enlighten to the potential of the evil of man.

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    Marines disembark LST at Tinian Island.
    Pic 1.jpg

    Pic 1.jpg
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    Texan, Welcome to BC

    My UPS Family, please hear my plea.

    I beg of you, please watch this attachment.
    I have been involved with Honor Flight for our WWII Vets since 2009.
    I can tell you that some day this will come to an end.
    One day, in the very near future, we will hear Brian Williams tell us that the last of the Greatest Generation has died.

    This is from my very first Honor Flight.
    Honor Flight pt 2 Milwaukee, WI April 25, 2009 - YouTube
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    peral harbor.jpgPearl Harbor

    peral harbor.jpg

    peral harbor.jpg
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    Excellent video!
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    What your father and many of his generation accomplished and sacrificed will be in my memory for as long as I live. We, today, could use their example of how to truly put country first and really put to test what the great democratic president said for Americans to do, " don't ask what your country can do for you. Ask instead what you can do for your country".
    No doubt, these Americans were great and will be missed forever. I say that our young men and women serving overseas are today's greatest generation. They're doing amazing things around the world while giving their lives and paying a huge price physically.

    May your Father RIP.
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    I will step out of line and discuss whom I truly believe has become the protector of our Legacy of the American Soldier.
    My opinion is based the soldiers I have met...

    Vietnam Vets

    These American Heroes -

    These boys and girls went to war wearing the uniform of an American Soldier.
    They returned.
    They had no fan fare, no waving flags, no ceremony - none.

    They are the leading edge of the Baby-Boomers.
    They are nearing retirement age but in the process of growing up an American in America that at first spat upon them...
    They became strong, resilient and determined.

    The Wall was built.
    Vietnam was something that happened when I was a kid...
    I have no memories of what our country was like...

    These Soldiers are now the PROTECTORS...
    They worked hard to make sure the WWII Vet had a Memorial.
    They embrace the grace of the Korean Conflict Soldier by understanding it was a WAR. -
    They made DAMN sure OUR VETS from Desert Storm came home to a better place than they did....
    They have never stopped PROTECTING the HONOR of AN AMERICAN SOLDIER.

    These guys are my Heroes.
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    My Pop was a Sgt in the 11th Airborne in the pacific eventually in the occupation of Japan,His 2 brother in laws Uncle Tom a sailor and Uncle Jack a Marine were also in the Pacific theater.Uncle Jack was in the invasion of some island I forget which one and jumped into a shell crater with 3 of the enemy . He dispatched them all but recieved a bayonet through his leg.Dad and my 2 uncles have recentley left us for heaven.It's kind of poetic that the 11Th Airborne Insignia was the "Angels" an 11 with angel wings cause my pop was truley a good guy I know he is an angel.
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    My dad was a sapper in Holland and Belgium in WW2, he told me that the scariest moment he ever had was in training.
    They had to dig :censored2: big enough to jump in while tanks drove overtop.
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    I will pull up every thread created on BC which mentions Honor Flight!!