The irony of it all...


Been around the block a few times
There are those that are touting from up on their soapboxes that this contract must pass

The thing is, these are employees that have never been through a contract negotiation year. They have no clue what the employees that preceded them have lost to UPS each and every contract. We have conceded rights and protection each and every contract. Each and every contract, the part timers have been forgotten when they are the ones in the trenches and the success that UPS has enjoyed has been built upon their backs.
The drivers, those that are the face that the public sees each day, have been called upon by UPS to do more and more each year with their "technological" advances. Many times these technologies are flawed and make the job of delivery more complex than it should be.

OH...and this 22.4 BS that is being proposed....

Having worked on a driver sort and load for 15 of my 17 years. The 22.4 position is nothing more than what we had before preloads were shoved down our throats. The drivers with seniority should be allowed to load the trucks. They do a better job anyway. These drivers load trucks and then ran their routes being on road for about 6-8 hours. Sound familiar?
Over time should not be taken from seniority drivers and given to new, low seniority employees. Seniority should rule just like it always has done.