The Meaning of Tim McVeigh

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    Over the weekend, a story ran concerning released video tapes from the Murray Building bombing in OKC being blank in certain spots raising again suspicions that leave tons of questions and yet absolutely no answers. I think at times one would have much more success in finding Noah's Ark or the Holy Grail (cup or daughter, you choose :happy-very:) than learning the truth about Dallas 63', OKC 95', Waco, Ruby Ridge or the latest version, 9/11. As a former deep drop vertical caver, I've dreamed of defying gravity and floating down the deepest drops without rope or other gear but the the reality of futility brings me back to the tired and true cry as I approach the edge, "On Rope!" and for the response, "On Belay!"

    That said, reading the above newstory with the feeling of futility in mind I remembered a Gore Vidal piece from way back in (oddly enough) Sept. 2001' from Vanity Fair entitled, "The Meaning of Timothy McVeigh."

    It's lenghty and in the Vidalist style and manner but thought provoking (on other levels beyond McVeigh and OKC IMO) even more in light of the weekend news admission none the less. 9/11 IMO is just hard to get past your own eyes of seeing the planes flying into the WTC so conspiracies hit a pretty hard wall (no pun intended) with 9/11 and even Dallas 63' hits a bump when it was proven that a single shot could perform the magic bullet act in perfect conditions and whose to say the stars weren't aligned that Novemeber day?

    But OKC just has so much "stuff" with it that begs the questions and the latest video release just adds fuel to the futile fires.