The Most Corrupt Village in America

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    When the police stopped Luvina Mobley Smith, they found a pound of pot in her car and five EBT food stamp cards which drug dealers often take in payment for drugs. It would have been an ordinary enough story except that Smith, despite being a convicted felon, was also the Deputy Clerk of Alorton.
    Luvina is the daughter of Callie Mobley, Alorton’s former mayor,

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    As soon as you reported it, albeit not using the provided tool, this was corrected.
    Thank you for reporting.
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    What is also wierd, is the Hidden animous contained in not only the title of this post, but the story itself. Its a predominately african american "TOWN" and the writer considers it a "VILLAGE" as if it was a part of africa?

    Do we have villages in this country? Not a novelty village, like long beach village, but VILLAGES?

    Please people, see this story for the kind of racist information that is trying to be continually sold.

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    I grew up in a "Village". We had a Village hall and a Village police officer (just one). In fact I have the official "Village flag pole" from the Village hall in my yard now. The Village of ------ was later renamed the City of ------. I can still name a dozen or so small towns around the area that still go by the name-Village of------.

    P.S. I can guarantee you none of these places has anything to do with Africa.
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    I also believe Hillary Clinton wrote a book "It takes a Village" Would tos think that is Racist ??

    I guess we have all heard of the "Village Idiot":clown:
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    The Village People were great........Y-M-C-A !!!!
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    Hate to break the news to you but it is a village :Alorton (formerly Alcoa) is a village in St. Clair County, Illinois, United States. The estimated 2012 population was 1,964.[1] It was 2,749 at the 2000 census.[2]

    The above was taken from wikipedia.
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    The city of Newton , Mass. is a patchwork of thirteen villages .
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