The New UPS TSC Help Desk - Las Vegas

:w00t: Okay, Okay so I messed up and posted something I shouldn't have...I'm sorry! That doesn't mean you should take the posting down, just remove my comments or let me know what I can post. I just figured this was America and it's okay to say it but not do it, geez! Okay, so now you know about the condensing of tech positions to a customer service position... you know about the favoritism between supervisors, coaches and agents... and you know we get paid 50 % less! What you don't know might be some of the other little interesting things about our new desk.

The call center managing the contract is a subsidiary only! That's right. This means if the call center does not perform to par, UPS can stop funding us at anytime without a legitimate business reason period! This also means UPS won't incur the financial loss under they're belt, the company they contracted with will be the only one filing bancruptcy if need be! So our call center has all the appearance of looking like a corporate UPS call center without the legal strings attached at a financing level. And of course, whatever business exceptions and benefits Uncle Sam offers with the package, UPS picks up! It also make their numbers look good on paper to look as if they hired X amount of employees this year to look like the good guys.

The call center will never close. Do the math. They closed down 8 individual call centers to open this one...which might I add already had the SCS and another contract with UPS already in place. They also had the space to accomodate UPS's business need for able bodies to fill the phone and take calls. They do it at 50% less than the previous budget for TSC. They run cost saving measures, run a paperless office and even went as far as buying cheaper coffee lids for the call center because they were 3 cents cheaper! They don't even keep the coffee in the cup, lol!:lol: On a more serious note though, Las Vegas doesn't have natural disasters. They would never have to rebuild, relocate or repay for insurance costs or misc costs. We're in the middle of the friggin' desert! What are we worried about coming our way? Plus the fact this town is driven by computers and electronics! We are perfect for a call center, logistically!

At the rate of common solutions submissions, we will have a complete database together by the end of 2007. In the following year, I expect the position to be condensed to a customer service position, with even further layoffs and pay decreasing to a $7 an hour position. We currently get paid 11.60 to start. Also, with recent policy changes, any tech with a beard or mustache longer than your lip line in the call center will have to lose it or claim religious accomodation and have the request approved. Good luck Al Murphy with keeping your beard! Assalaamu Alaikum, to you sir! (Please don't twist my words as some joke, Al Murphy is claiming Muslim to keep his beard, and what's rightfully his!) It's not like we are employees working face to face with customers so why should we have problems now and not before?!? I also here they plan on going back to the shirt and tie requirement that was in place before I started working at the TSC. I don't mind the suit and tie, they just don't pay enough currently to warrant that!

Also, some agents will not be getting promoted as promised. Some 30 agents will not be getting a pay raise or take on another skill. Let me explain one thing... there are currently 5 skills in the TSC. General Skills I, General Skills II, and the Critical help desk which consist of Package Ops, PFT (Package Flow Technologies) Ops, and HFA (Hub, Feeder, and Air) Ops. From left to right the skill sets range from easiest to hardest. People who are in Gen II will not be getting promoted to a critical desk and will not received the $1.00 raise they were promised before Christmas peak season. Instead, the help desk has decided to cross-train the other critical agents to handle the call volume. By doing this, they save lots of money, as they have also said that anyone who cross trains into another skill set does NOT receive a raise, not even a small one. The idea is to have everyone at the help desk eventually take ALL types of calls, no matter the skill set!

I know... and it gets even better!!! Now, they are not training anymore agents in the building at all!!! The training classes apparentally cost too much for UPS. Now, the manager is having everyone critical cross-train in their spare time at work! This saves tons of money on floor training! They then just have to train the Gen I newbies and let them self train to a critical desk! Major mess up's are in the works for UPS TSC help desk, I can see it now. Imagine a whole package hub, held up by a person having to learn from trial and error over the phone, not exactly knowing what he's doing and probing a hub server trying to start the sort again because he didn't know you couldn't do that in the first place?!! That's what Mike Eskew needs to be thinking about the next time he has a meeting with Jason Leavitt... is he doing the right thing for this company?!? I just can't wait to come in one day and here the feedback we get from the new training program, budgetted and micromanaged... into someones pocket, just not mine!

I also decided from now on, I will post on the same topic again and again to let you know how the BigBrownPoop is doing from time to time with the new TSC help desk! I'll keep you updated so you'll know that if I'm miserable, the rest of the TSC is miserable too! Keep you posted! If you have dirt on the TSC, let me know and post it here. Well show the TSC management that if they don't shape up, we'll ship out! Don't mess with us TSC management, we run the show! You might be able to find another bum on the street, but they'll want to unionize too if you keep that up!

P.S. To those I said mean things about in my "banned" posting, I am sorry but you just don't know what your talking about and should read other things like Sports Illustrated for Kids or Yu-gi-yo instead of grown up conversation here at the BrownCafe. :confused:1

Also from the TSC - LV

Just so you know. This guy has been fired cause of the things said in his previous post. He is no longer with UPS. 90% of what he said is BS. The other 10% is partly true. He was bitter beacause he did not get promoted in a timely fashion.

Can you blame them for not promting him with this kind of attitude?


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If it's anything like the helpdesk I worked at, I would believe 10% of it was BS and 90% true...but I'm not at the LV desk so maybe he was wrong with some of it.


Just so you know. This guy has been fired cause of the things said in his previous post. He is no longer with UPS. 90% of what he said is BS. The other 10% is partly true. He was bitter beacause he did not get promoted in a timely fashion.

Can you blame them for not promting him with this kind of attitude?

Mike is that you?


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"Mike is that you?"...HA HA, that's a funny one!

BigBrownPoop, thanks for sharing your UPS Experience with us. I'm not surprised to hear about any of that after witnessing the way the company has been run over the past years. First they tell us former TSC helpdesks that our jobs are going away because of cost expense and then we find out that the last year was UPS's most profitable year EVER (over 4 billion dollars PROFIT, and they can't spare some loose change to move us to other departments and avoid a small layoff??? What happened to people being the biggest asset to the company?). I wish I could have read your "banned" post, I'm sure there was much truth to it...otherwise it wouldn't have been banned.
Keep us posted, but just watch what you say...your boss probably reads this stuff every day (our management definitely did during the last days of our TSC existence...and the mere mention of unionization got them in an uproar like you wouldn't believe).