The next GOP movie failure to hit theatres this week!.....

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. The Other Side

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    Gee, another right wing wacko does a movie about OBAMA.... This time is going to be different than all the others... NOT....

    The movie will be a BUST just as Sarah Palins movie was a BUST. There has never been a successful right wing movie produced and shown in theatres in the last 20 years and this will be no different.

    The movie is designed to suck 15 bucks out of moreluck, UPSlifer, Brett and so on, but even they arent that level of suckers that this movie wants to rob.

    2016 Obama’s America: Film Review - The Hollywood Reporter

    Save your money and dont embarass yourselves in public by standing in line for this pile of crap.


  2. klein

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    What ? It didn't even qualify for a TV movie.
    Well, I wouldn't be able to go see it anyways.

    Don't think rubbish like that goes over the border.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When did you stop traveling?
  4. klein

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    I haven't travelled to the US in over 2 years now !
    I prefer Mexico or Cuba !
  5. Monkey Butt

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    He was talking about Cuba.
  6. moreluck

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    ......" Save your money and dont embarass yourselves in public by standing in line for this pile of crap.



    Yeah,like all those losers at Chick-Fil-A last wednesday!!
  7. klein

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    Hey, TOS, atleast she's honest and calls them losers ! ;)
  8. MrFedEx

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    Funded by the Koch Brothers?
  9. The Other Side

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    Exactly...! Out of the mouth of "babe".


  10. The Other Side

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    The right wing operatives know that the GOP faithful are suckers, and they will gladly hand this guy a few million dollars for a movies filled with everything they already heard on fox news for free!

    The movie will bomb as usual and it will get pulled quickly before it embarasses the GOP even further.


  11. brett636

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    I personally found the Dark Knight Rises to have been an excellent anti-occupy movement movie. There were quite a few scenes where occupy style phrases were used by the bad guys or those who supported the villians. It was none other than the great billionaire capitalist who comes in to save the day, and that my friends is how the real world works too. Just not as dramatic.
  12. The Other Side

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    If anyone wants to see a good political movie, then go see THE CAMPAIGN, starring Will Ferrell. This movie portrays an incumbent republican vs a goofy democrat first timer and the battles of a campaign.

    While a comedy, it slams the GOP pretty hard and I like that!


  13. BrownArmy

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    I can see where you're coming from with this line of thinking, but for me, I thought the movie was rather ambivalent toward both billionaires and 'occupiers'.

    Meaning, there are a few examples of 'bad' rich people in the movie, as well as a few examples of 'bad' people one might lump into the 'occupy' category. The only examples of 'good' people in the movie, from my viewing, are the Commissioner, the rookie cop, (surprisingly) the cat burglar, as well as random citizens who try to do the right thing.

    I'm not sure I would put the Batman in any category...he's a flawed character no matter what lens you view him through.

    (Remember, it's a comic-book movie: even though it was released in 2012 and so it takes part of its plot from current world situations, the end result is a comic-book movie).

    Rolling Stone interviewed the director, who said repeatedly that the film is a-political. The interviewer pushed him however:

    Interviewer: A lot of people would argue that all art is political.
    Director: But what's politics?

    Interviewer: So would Bruce Wayne vote for Mitt Romney?
    Director: Before or after Bruce goes broke?

    (For those who are not hard-core Batman fans, the title 'Dark Knight' is from a graphic novel written by Frank Miller in moves Batman out of the campy persona of the 1960's show and into a more current world...instead of the clean-cut version of Batman depicted in the television show, Miller's graphic novel depicts a Batman coming out of retirement to face his old enemies and save his 'town' once's a very dark retelling of the Batman tale, and recasts the essential elements of the Batman story into a modern version of what Batman essentially is: a vigilante who is as disturbed as the villians he chases...)

    Brett, Batman is an anti-hero, to me the 'message' of the movie is ambivalent at best, and so I don't agree with your conclusion.

    Like many other things in this life, art is a window upon our own
    collective subconscious, meaning each viewer will draw their own conclusion, and each explanation will be real, depending on the explainer...

  14. The Other Side

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    This crap-reel isnt going to be shown in my town! Nothing around the area either... Prolly only in orange county will it play.... plenty of suckers there.


  15. brett636

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    The director was simply making the safer statement by stating the movie is a-political. The problem with politics is that if the director had come out and said it had a political slant either left or right he would be pissing off nearly half is potential audience, and given the events already surrounding this movie I doubt the director was willing to take that kind of stance and hurt the movie's future returns.

    I take my conclusion with the fact that only a rich Bruce Wayne could afford the toys he had when he was batman, and the fact that he goes broke in the movie doesn't change this fact. Also noticing the changes the cat woman character goes through as the movie progresses shows an obvious conservative political slant IMHO. I would be more detailed, but I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it and wants too.

    Overall we can both agree the movie was not produced to be political, it was produced to entertain and I think it meets that goal, but some politics did make it in despite efforts to deny it.
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  17. The Other Side

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    Just like predicted... the GOP's movie that was all the BUZZZ last week on FOX SPEWS, HANNITY and RUSH radio shows BOMBED in the theatres!!!

    Why do they even bother?

    The movie now in its 5th week in the theatres, nationwide this weekend, went bust with only 72K in box office reciepts. 44th overall and a total of 320K since its release.

    Billed as "the movie the white house doesnt want you to see"..... fell FLAT on its face. In 61 theatres and NOBODY CARED! Each theatre averaged $1192.00 for the weekend with this dog pile.

    Look for this pile of crap to be YANKED from theatres before it becomes a national embarassment for the GOP.

    As if they didnt learn their lesson from the Sarah Palin movie!



  18. The Other Side

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    Despite all the HYPE from FOX SPEWS, RIGHT WING RADIO and OPINION shows, this movie is still SUCKING at the box office. Just today, Sean Hannity said the movie was "breaking box office records" over the last few weeks!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH seriously? The movie was shown in 169 theatres last weekend and so far, in one months showings... the movie has BOMBED.

    2 million in a month. Do the math. Thats a half million a week. It moved down to 46th from 44th. The movies producers WONT EVEN release production costs for the bomb so people can see how much the movie is losing.

    Either way, a loser just like the Sarah Palin flop of last year.


  19. Baba gounj

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  20. moreluck

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    You can't make any such claims if you don't have the "cost to make the movie"........way to go Opie!!