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    Get your recording devices ready for "The Pacific" Starting tonight on HBO.

    The Pacific, the ten part HBO miniseries that details the true life stories of the soldiers that fought in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War Two is, like the 2001 miniseries Band of Brothers that focused on the war in Europe, both a major achievement and a sobering experience. It tells the story of the war against the Japanese through the eyes of the soldiers who were there on the ground, fighting against seemingly endless waves of enemies, an environment completely foreign to them, and their own minds to keep their sanity.

    From what I hear it is supposed to be awesome....We will see!! :tank:

    A tribute to the ones that kept our Country going!!
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    I loved Band of Brothers especially since 2 of the guys were from south philly Babe Hebron and Bill Garnere .A little story the beginning of the series they are interviewing one of the guys from Easy Co. and he asks "what is the Airborne? "and he is told "you jump out of planes "and he replies "you can go to hell" but you make 50 more bucks a month he raises his hand " I'm in". I called my pop who was in the 11th Airborne and made 100 jumps because I heard many times while growing up "the only reason I jumped out of planes was because I made $50.00 more a month !" I cannot wait for this series because my dad and 2 uncles were in the pacific Army airborne, Navy,and Marines.My Uncle Jack the Marine jumped in a shell crater to find himself among three Japanese soldiers.He dispatched them all but got a bayonet through his leg.
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    PT Stewie,

    That's funny about the $50 extra...Cheryl's Dad, my Father in law did the same thing for the same reason...The extra $$..

    My Dad was also a marine on the island of Okinawa...boy the stories he had were unbelievable...And he would not talk about it unless you made him and even then to get him to elaborate was difficult...I can't imagine what the proud men and women go through in those kinds of circumstances..
    God Bless Them ALL!!
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    My Dad was 17 when he joined the Navy and fought in the Pacific. He was a gunner on an APA ship which brought the smaller landing craft for the soldiers to get ashore on. He went to many of the areas that the miniseries covers. He has told me of providing cover fire for the landing craft and dodging Kamikaze planes.

    USS Mendocino APA&#32.jpg
    USS Mendocino APA&#32.jpg
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    I have been looking forward to this too. My dad fought in the 10th Mt. Division in the Po River Valley in Italy carrying a BAR so I have always been interested in what he and my uncles went through during WW2. I have an uncle who fought as a Marine on Iwo Jima and was wounded on Saipan. He doesn't go to the reunions anymore because there are so few of them left.
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    I did get to watch it last night and enjoyed it!

    When my Dad was on those islands he told me the Japs/Nips (as they called them) would climb up and hide in the palm trees for cover and surprise. They used whistling techniques to communicate, which I heard in the show (sounding just like the native birds). Also...he told me how they would have different passwords every night (also mentioned on the show) and the enemy would try and use them to gain entrance into their area...They would use a password from the night before say...Charlie...but they would say it, Charee, they couldn't pronouce it right and that would be a dead give away.....

    Part 2 next Sunday....