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    We need to take back "our country".... If we do not....our children will suffer!

    Check out below link:

    Subject: Fwd: Watch this QUICKLY- it will get ZAPPED OFF the Internet soon.
    Read on, my Democrat friends!!! How in the world can you explain this!


    Watch this QUICKLY--I am sure it will get ZAPPED OFF the Internet soon!!!

    If you have doubts this may change your mind.


  2. Don't care for all the editing, but the bow to the Saudi and the obvious missing American Flag pin are telling...
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    Doubtful.. maybe you should listen to the President's speech in its entirety (or at least enough of it to get context for what he said) that he gave to Chinese students in the last 24 hours. He championed our American right to free speech to include his critics.

    Just curious... let's go with a hypothetical. Let's allow for the sake of a though exercise that our President is Muslim. Does it matter? Should it matter?

    I have Muslim friends. One of my best friends in high school was a devout Muslim who grew up in Indonesia much like Obama. While in Iraq, several Iraqi Muslims worked for my unit as interpreters knowing full well the dangers of working for us. Care to wager how many of my peers and myself are alive because of their work? Care to wager how many of the interpreters are still alive and how many have been executed for working with us?
  4. You're missing a few key points. There are good people all over the world. I pay little attention to edited stuff like this, but there are a couple of curious bits. How about bowing to the Saudi king? Is that appropriate for a US President?
    How about not wearing the flag? It's a small symbol, but it has much meaning. How about changing positions whenever it seems advantageous?
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    You bow or don't bow. Kinda screwed either way.
    He showed respect. Probably not a bad thing to do.
    Because of that quick bow, it won't mean anyless that the US is the Worlds Military Powerhouse.

    As for visiting a Mosque. Nothing wrong with that.
    Go to any cathedral in Europe. All walks of life visit those historic buildings. Every Tourist, from any country, regardless of religion.
    I would visit temples, goes hand in hand with sightseeing.

    Don't know about the american pin. They wouldn't even let him finish his sentence about it.

    That video , (as we all know it), is made by anti Obama people, that try to find any little bit of flaw about him.
    No big deal. Thats US politics at work, and a few sore losers, I guess.
  6. Now he's bowing to the Japanese.
  7. I fully agree with the video. It's chopped up to portray a message that I don't pay any attention to.
    There is just a matter of protocol that Obama seems to miss.
    I noticed a few times where he returns salutes to military personnel.
    I always thought that it was inappropriate for a Commander in Chief, who has never served in the military, to salute.
    Maybe all this Terrorism and anti-Obama is affecting me.
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    He did some more bowing to this past weekend. Bowing to one of the asian leaders. Obama is getting quite good at bowing. Maybe I'll offer him a job as my butler when he gets done imitating a president. :happy-very:
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    Obama is such a suck up. Here he's sucking up to the muslims. This past weekend he bragged about being the first pacific born president.

    He brags about everything except being a patriotic american.
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    It would to me. He spent twenty years in reverend wrights pews. Lucy might have to do some splainin on that one.
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    People's Choice??? Hell, he can't even win the Taster's Choice Award !!
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    couple of bows and a few focus meetings and you to can earn your own Nobel Peace Prize. :happy-very:
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    I came here looking for some intellectual foresight into the politics of the day. And, the pity is that this thread is anything but intellectual, much less based on any kind of reality. It seems to live on in some "Fairy-Land" edited soundbyte concept of hidden rage and arrogant ignorance.
    Again, the sour grape gang is so stuck on Obama bowing, and can't give a response to Bush practically french kissing the Saudi's and literally holding hands with them strolling thru the gardens. It doesn't get any gay-er than that folks.(No pun intended) Do you think the Japanese people are belly aching their Leader shook hands with the US president as he bowed. It's not at all, a Japanese custom to shake hands FYI. Really people, this is not the avenue to the WhiteHouse in 2012. Nobody's buying this BS and fear mongering of children suffering from this Administration. No matter what deception you try to fool the American public, it's clear the previous bafoons and their "stay the course" mentality, Wars of Lies, and unregulated housing and credit crash, are the real ingredients of our children suffering. But the Obstructionist party(GOP) are doing there damnest to prevent this Leadership that was voted unanimous by the people to repair the travestry of the last eight years. Flame on ! :no_flames::no_flames:
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    I would agree if are you a true red blooded, red skin Native American? :red_india
    Or, Is Glen Beck crying again on TV ?

    Furthermore, it was like pulling teeth to get "the right" to provide healthcare (CHIP) for our suffering children.....
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    MC4YOU2 Wherever I see Trump, it smells like he's Putin.

    Should he hold his hand out visiting them in their country when their custom is to bow?
    If he holds his hand out first and they bow in response do their countrymen think less if they then shake his hand? As Commander in Chief it seems completely appropriate to salute the troops, veteran or not. Our last pres made a point of distancing himself and our country from enemies and allies alike in many ways, we need to repair some of that as we go. Geez its just a greeting.
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    Why couldn't your state do that? Why do you feel the need to take money from me to provide for the children that you cannot provide for?

    I think the real difficulty is to keep all you dimocrats from killing all the children before they are even born.
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    MC4YOU2 Wherever I see Trump, it smells like he's Putin.