The Perfect Day - Terrorists killing our children


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My apologies if this has been posted, haven't been here in a while.
EVERYONE should watch this series, it's truly terrifying.


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I have listened to this on Glenn Beck, never got all the parts. It is truly frightening, and I have to wonder why missing buses are not a "big deal":mad:Thanks for posting! and Welcome back


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The government doesn't want to tell us all these details because they're "afraid of a panic"????? I think they fear what we'll do to our elected "leaders". All this PC, Liberal, tolerance BS would take the fall it has sooo long needed.

And, yes, all Muslims in this country would live in fear of reprisals, but that's their own fault. They say there are good, decent Muslims who live their whole lives practising their religion with NO hate or violence. I've said before that they should be speaking out against the overwhelming hate and violence in their religion, but all you hear is their cowardly silence.

As for the school buses, where do you hide all those buses??? One here, one there I guess. Can you imagine a bus filled with explosives? No one would know, no one would stop it. Like a UPS truck, buses can go anywhere.

Can you imagine Beslan happening here? 100 fold, binLaden said. We don't even know the whole Beslan story. Need to read that book.


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Wow, this really makes you think, my kids are older, in college, this makes you really wonder about what could happen. Lets work together to make sure it won't happen here.


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It really made me wonder when all the crap was happening in Cleveland a short time ago. I heard on local radio that there were seven other gun incidents that week!!! In Just Cleveland.
Just like a UPS truck, just like a school bus, they can stop and everyone else has to, just like in a tunnel or on a bridge....................imagine the carnage on the Golden Gate, or the Chesapeake Bay. ............ Good thing we havent found any terrorists there, yeah, right..............its scary, to be mild. No one takes it serious, they will when it happens.....