The pilots info pickets

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    If I remember correctly, the union stated that many of the UPS stores had told them they would welcome the pilots and the picketing. So why did they pick on someone that did not want them there? Why not go to a store that wanted them there?

    Then again, why on the cover of the Teamsters mag are all the drivers looking like roused rabble? Never have figured out how that helps the cause either. Bunch of grown men and women with their mouths wide open looking like cheerleaders at a football game.

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    You're trying to divine intelligence within organized labor. You won't find much of one within the other.

    Luckily we have codified county ordinances here.

    I happen to currently own three strip centers. Two of them have TUPSS's as tenants. One has a Kinko's.

    Strip center is private property with (defined) "public right to pass." Not UPS Store private property - MY private property. TUPSS just leases my space. County ordinances (and I) decide who gets the right-to-pass. That is extended to shoppers, browsers, and passers-through.

    Not to picketers, skateboarders, in-line skaters, loiterers, bums, vagrants or the IPA. Teamsters found that out when they tried to set up an illegal third party strike against one of my anchor stores (they tried to call it informational, but local PD moved them on).
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    Havent seen any IPA. Shops know who to call if they see them.
  3. The IPA might have picked that particular store because the owner, **** ***********, just retired from UPS where he was a Aircraft Maintenance Division Mananger. **** is easlily ruffled.
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    So what does that have to do with anything? Or are you stating that the person involved, ex UPS management, was the only reason this store was targeted?

    I hope that is not what you are saying, because that would negate the issues and conduct that the IPA was trying to convey in the first place. You have let this now become personal, with persons targeted for damage due to your actions.