The (private) Federal Reserve

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  1. The central planner says he will protect the US economy from the EU... With what? How? More debt? Fiat money? They already had the "bazooka" from '08...

    Bernanke: Fed will protect U.S. economy from Europe - Feb. 2, 2012

    Max Keiser sums it up like how it is:
    The Federal Reserve Controls The World - YouTube

    For people who hold dollars in their hands should read this, Helicopter Ben said it back in 2002, we are at the 5th stage:
    US Dollar To Be Devalued – Ben Bernanke Already Told US His Plans alternative economics
  2. This is how one of our financial leaders invest:
    "Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Fed, is one of the richest of the 12. He accrued a portfolio of at least $21 million after working 22 years in the financial industry as a banker, stock broker and hedge fund manager.

    Fisher owns more than 7,000 acres in Texas, Georgia, Iowa and Missouri, in addition to more than $1 million in SPDR's Gold Trust (GLD), and at least $50,000 in platinum and uranium each."
    Stock picks of the Federal Reserve presidents - Feb. 2, 2012
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    Precious metals represent 5% of his investments.
    The article also said:
    He also holds common stock in at least 43 companies, ...

    His investment portfolio is well balanced with nothing out of normal.

    It would appear that these 12 financial leaders hold pretty much "plain vanilla" investment portfolios (as phrased by the article).
  4. "Precious metals represent 5% of his investments."
    Yes in GLD, which is a trust fund(paper), not physical. Which they have to report earnings on it.
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    you all mentioned gold......we just had a "Cash For Gold" store open in a plaza near us. There's a guy out at the street that spins a sign attracting you to this store .(similar to the real estate stunt)

    The place is named 'Cash for Gold', but when you drive in front of the place the sign reads.......'no cash on the premises'.

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    If I had some gold it would be an excellent time to sell it. I don't think I would buy any though.
  7. Just like on our trucks it says No Cash on board... but we carry sometimes $500....
  8. I recommend to dig more into debt based currencies. We have to have inflation, maybe short term of deflation if the derivatives' or that matter any bubble burst(there is a lot), because of our debt cannot sustain any kind of deflation. Last months dollar got stronger because of the EU problem, but the fundamentals stays the same for long term. Our paper money has connection to the petrodollar and to our bankrupt government. The problems you see/saw in the middle east and Libya is to protect the dollar... Anyways when I was a kid and saw something like this in my country, you had your "money" then the government announced that it is worth less from tomorrow, I don't take my chances again... Recommend to read Ben Bernanke's speech posted up.
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    Maybe boobus was starting to wake up and Crony capitalism needed a calm, trusted face to put them back to sleep.
    "Nothing here, move along, move along, we have everything under control!"