The Rove-ster Rt hand man to the Prez says"c-ya would'nt want to be-ya"

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    Rove met Bush in the early 1970s, when both men were in their 20s.
    Once inside the White House, Rove grew into a right-hand man.
    Rove, the deputy White House chief of staff, has been the president's political guru for years and worked with Bush since he first ran for governor of Texas in 1993.

    Rove under fire for months during the investigation into the leak of a CIA operative's name but he was never charged with any crime.
    That investigation led to the conviction of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby on charges of lying and obstructing justice.
    Attorneys for Libby told jurors at the onset of his trial that Libby was the victim of a conspiracy to protect Rove.

    Testimony on Rove came from columnist Robert Novak, who outed Plame in a July 2003 column. He testified that Rove, a frequent source, was one of two officials who told him about Plame. Libby, with whom he seldom spoke, was not a source.

    In a more recent controversy, Rove, using "executive privilege",(Chaney's favorite excuse) has refused to testify before Congress about the firing of U.S. attorneys.

    One would think with a year to go Rove can't stick it out with his Homey GW.As far as I read he has no health issues with himself or other family members.Citing he wants to be with his family(mind you his kid is in college)or maybe he doesn't want to continue his dirty politics another year and drive another nailed in the coffin of the GOP for 2008.

    How many more pillars can GW afford to lose before his house comes tumbling down.

    There is a fine line between genius and insanity. To put the whole matter in lighter terms Pinky and the brain one of them a genius the other insane! I thought they where inseperatable.
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    I guess everyone looks at this thread and figures D is yelling at paint again, :laugh: sorry, just love that line!

    Anyway, noticed Rove was on both Fox Sunday morning and Meet the Press and it was interesting to say the least. Ran across an op-ed earlier this week on Rove but it wasn't the same ole thing we hear about Rove or at least I saw it that way. One comment from the piece just reflects to the heart of the whole thing with Rove IMO.

    Now before bothsides go off the deep end on Katrina I think you'll miss the point in not reading the article. I see it as saying that like those whose faith has them believing that gov't has all answers and solutions, Rove adopted the same thinking to establish a repub. majority forever but the otherside of the conservative coin is the belief that in the end all things gov't fail and it may in the end fail for Rove "forever majority" idea. The piece is worth the read or that's JMO anyway for what it's worth.

    Hey D, yell louder because you missed a spot!

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    rantings and ravings on Rove as he leaves the white house unscathed after having served the president honorably. Perhaps the liberal democrats should concentrate on fixing the countrys problems instead of trying to find something to pin on rove.
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    The lasts paragraph sums it up :

    "Of course, there is a bright side. If nothing else, Mr. Rove has strengthened the conservative critique of what happens when you try to engineer great societal changes through government policy. Perhaps conservatives can find some solace by telling themselves they were right all along."

    A Failed visionary, perhaps, perhaps not...but it's interesting how the author insinuates how conservatives throw MR Rove under the bus after his Rep "Permanent Majority" vision(s) was shot down by Congress and the country. Then adding a "spin zone" theory to critique Rove's Democratic-like philosophy of Big Gov't invovlment on societal changes.

    Uhmm..I wonder what solace conservatives will tell themselves when press sec. Tony Snow flies the coup next...
    What's that John Cougar-Melloncamp song.."And the walls,come tumbling down"
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    walls come tumbling down? Hardly. The man ran some terrific campaigns for Bush despite the liberally obssessed democrats attempts to demonize the man. In fact I think this administration has held together much better then clintons ever did. But then who would possibly want to defend a man humping the help.
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    I don't think anyone critizised Rove's campaign contributions.It was everything else.
    I gave Rove some kudos about being the brains behind the operation,but Scooter still had to keep him out of jail.

    Anyway about demonizing...not only was Clinton aquitted by the US Senate(where's Ken Starr now??)but the majority of the nation defended the man and he left office with a 65% approval rating....the best since WWII. I guess we rather have a President make love not war.(and please don't compare Kosovo with Iraq).
    Do you think this administration or whats left of it by 2008 will have a 65% approval rate?
  7. tieguy

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    Rove was a terrific public servant and loyal friend to Bush. You can't discredit him no matter how much your liberal pinko communisht loving democratic friends try to help you do so. I think you and your liberal democratic us hating friends should go to a nice cuban hospital somewhere and lick your wounds. Viva la Castro!! land in havanna, take a 57 chevy ambulance to whatever fleabag hospital you think is so superior and enjoy your accomadations. You will find lots of sympathy there. they hate the united states almost as much as you and mike moore do.
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    Like your motto says "we all communicate better when you leave your ego at home". Resorting to name calling and far Right rhetric mumbo jumbo only discredits your arguements and beliefs. Sort of like this current Administration showing signs of cracks and weakness for an inevitable colaspe. BTW--You should keep the Cuba and the Mike Moore rants on the Micheal Moore thread,it doesn't pertain to Rove. And watch that blood pressure:thumbup1:.
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    Who's to say the man didn't leave for personal reasons? For the last seven years the guy has been on call 24/7 and who's to say Rove isn't exhausted, and how well is he paid? I've seen plenty of UPS managers
    sail out the door when least expected and land other employment with less stress and better pay.

    And if I were him, I'd be real sick of the media laying all of the Administration’s failures at my feet. Plus, the '08 campaign is getting to a full boil and perhaps that's where his interests lie. Maybe if he writes his memoirs we'll know but is it really any of our business? We don't even know this person!! So all of a sudden his family is important, which, when you get right down to it, it’s the only thing we really have that matters. Times, situations, families, and people change.

    And yes, I believe Slick Willie left office in a highly admirable way, agreeing to a five-year suspension of his Arkansas law license and paying $25,000 fine to the Arkansas Bar Association. In exchange, Kenneth Starr's successor, Robert Ray, agreed to close the Whitewater probe, ending the threat of criminal liability for Mr. Clinton after he left office.

    And Diesel, for interior or exterior paint, I recommend Behr Premium Plus (Home Depot). It's lead free and dries on contact...:closedeye