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    If Scotland succeeds, I leaving this crap to you guys and I'm going home to the highlands of Scotland!

    Honey, open the attic, time to drag out the kilt, battle axe and sword. Time to show those Brits what for!


    BTW: The succession movement is not just limited to Vermont as it has grown beyond that to I think now include a total of 12 states being represented. Don't freak, it probably won't gain ground even though I wish like hell it would! I also asscribe to the thinking that the national compact known as the Constitution is not only a voluntary contract but is not a perpetual one even contary to the force of federal central powers of Lincoln. I'm an unrepentant rebel in that sense.

    Coming generations have a right under contract law to self determine for themselves. You can't contract for your unborn child and hold them to specific performance so then how can you do the same with a national contract of governance?

    Thank you Lysander Spooner!

    Funny, we talk about protecting the unborn child in the womb but we're fast as hell to let gov't steal his/her wealth in the form of federal debt! I guess we want to outlaw abortion in order to force their birth so we won't be the one's totally on the hook to payoff the credit cards and to be there to pay for our SS retirement! If our kids were smart they'd kill us now to stop the economic bleeding that they will have to pay.

    I know I'm a cold blooded SOB so go tell someone who really cares!
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    "Honey, open the attic, time to drag out the kilt, battle axe and sword."

    Well, wkmac, at least you won't have to pack any underwear.
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    That's in America. Stand on a mountain top in the highlands and let a cold north Atlantic wind blow up your kilt and then tell me about underwear!

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    Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has nothing on Mel Gibson's William Wallace inspirational rant for his countryman. I wish those guys were still here so we can overun 1600 Pennsilvanyia ave like that capitol one commercial. What's in your wallet ?