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The UPS / Cargo Largo Connection - United Package Smashers

Several years ago, one of United Package Smasher’s loyal readers sent me an e-mail and asked me to call him, saying he had some extremely interesting information about a questionable relationship between United Parcel Service (UPS) and a Missouri-based company called Recovery Management Corporation (RMC) which runs a handful of stores, a website and some eBay ventures calling itself Cargo Largo.

I’m going to show you how UPS allegedly profits from your “loss” with the help of (RMC) and their small chain of “unclaimed freight” bargain stores located throughout the United States. It appears that items such as John’s are either sold and a portion of the proceeds returned to UPS or the items are targeted for - as they like to put it - “controlled destruction”.

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Cheryl, Please contact me. There are 2 pending lawsuits against UPS and Cargo Largo for this very circumstance! I need to pass on the the Attorney. Google Missing Shirley Temple Costume...Little Princess, Tonya Bervaldi.... They scammed a piece of Movie History away from it's owner. Made the papers, The evening news and Closer Magazine!
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Well, the criminal behavior is still happening today.....if there is more information about the connection for these 2 companies? And it is helpful to the plaintiffs.Yes.

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You’re barking up the wrong tree. All transportation companies have loss and damages. If there’s no shipping information on the item because it spilled out of its box, or the box was badly damaged, then a claim will be paid out and the company will try to salvage what they can. It then gets sold in most cases as is or you bid on items by the pallet. All the carriers do this. This is small potatoes. It’s called revenue recovery.

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That was not the situation...That is ok....I'll let the Attorney that is handling the case do the investigative research. Valuable packages are making their way to Cargo largo intact...never being shipped to the labeled destination....High value items....Art, collectibles.....A Florida situation. What the first post states from years back? still happening now.....