Thermal Printers Has This Been Discussed?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Joopster, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Ok, I work for twilight preload. I sort packages into cages based on the stickers that metro puts on the packages.

    I start work tonight and get about 30 packages with no SPA labels on them. I go upstairs to bitch at the PT supervisor. He tells me that they are testing the new thermal handheld printers. I say ok and go back downstairs. I look at some packages that it was used on and it is MAYBE 2 inches long and a half in tall. It's in light red ink. They scan the barcode and then wipe it on the package.

    Needless to say, it won't work. Most were smudged and the 1Z's you could not read. If you know anything about how preload works you know that they read the last four of the 1z on the SPA label and match it up with the 1z to make sure the right SPA label is on the right package.

    I recycled at least 100 packages tonight. I can't wait until tomorrow when they have about 200 misloads and they decide that these scanners will not work.

    They are so dumb it's amazing.
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    Amen. But I am sure UPS has invested millions into this new scanner, it was just featured in a Compass magazine. So, you should know what that means. If it does not work it will be your fault. When UPS invests millions into a project it is the fault of the employee if the product does not work.

    UPS just does not mistakes. If I was the top brass making those millions I guess you could not get me to admit to making any mistakes either. I need those millions they are paying me.

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    They will be yanked. I am making that call right now. It needs to be bigger and more ink used.
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    This is just the first gen of this tech....imagine first tech cell phones diads gps type things day and night
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    True but the first cell phones where a novelty item not a main part of most business.
    I think i work the preload in the same building as Joopster. This printer is going to cost us alot of time.
    With the labels I can glance into the cage and see which car the package goes into. However with the printer I need to actually handle each package, pull it front and lift it out of the cage to see what the label says. I sure hope they see the error of their ways on this one.
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    UPS is using those new scanners where I am now. I agree that the pal numbers are hard to see. They could at least use black ink. That red ink is hard to pick up on the brown box and god forbid it gets stamped on a colored portion of the box or label!
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    Black ink will ruin the bc....we use a purple marker to sort assist our packages you could scribble out the label and still scan it...its dark enough to contrast the box well but not too dark to ruin the bc if you run through it
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    Over the years I've seen just about every color in the spectrum used to indicate something on packages. Just because you use purple (today), don't assume every center does.
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    I dont think i was trying to convey that. I was using purple as an example for an alternative
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    Most locations have begun writing the handling instruction on the package with a crayon. It resolve the issue you mention and also allows packages with regular PAL labels to be better seen as well.

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    A crayon? Before you know it we'll be back to alpha load charts.
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    where do you work? M1? That's typically the charge aisle I am in.
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    PM sent
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    Yep, we can track how many times the driver pees while he is on route and how he uses his seatbelt and bulkhead, but yet the inside staff are being told to bring a box of crayons to work. What next, bring your own toilet paper?:dissapointed: