Thinking about going to rehab through UPS

Discussion in 'Health and Medical Topics' started by MsBailey31, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. MsBailey31

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    So, I’ve had a problem with drugs for about 15 years now, and I realize that something has to change. My grandpa is really sick right now, and he’s probably going to die fairly soon, and I don’t want him to pass with me just kinda making it through life. That being said, I’ve been able to manage to successfully be a high functioning addict, I don’t miss work, I don’t get high at work, I’m not constantly coming into work late or anything like that. I am however thinking about going to rehab through Ups, that way at least he has some peace of mind before he goes that this isn’t how my life is going to continue. Pros and cons? Should I not go through UPS? Any general advice would be appreciated. Please understand that this was a hard post to make, so please no unnecessary comments.
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  2. They do have a drug and alcohol program that the company will pay for. I'm really not sure how it works but hopefully someone in here can help you out

    Good luck.
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  3. PappyLand

    PappyLand Active Member

    Are you a driver? One thing to look at is if you ever crash or get into any minor accidents you’ll be pissing in a cup every time since they’ll know. If you stay straight after rehab you’ll be fine of course.

    Someone I work with got sent to a really nice place down south for 90 days and is doing great.

    Good luck in whatever you do though.
  4. Trash Panda

    Trash Panda Member

    I applaud you for realizing you need a change in your life.
    Im leery to give you to much credit for justifying your habit as ok because it doesn't affect your work.
    The only questions that should be asked is what will keep you clean? After your grandfathers gone? What is your support system?

    If this is something you've wanted for some time then finally got the chance through the company id say go for it. However the way the post is worded it seems iffy.

    Pros: You get the help you need. Saving money. Living a better life with more cash in hand.
    Cons: Not doing it for yourself/ for the wrong reasons. Relapse.

    Im not a former addict but I have got careless a time or two. Sometimes the change doesn't happen until you hit rock bottom. Everyone’s perception is different on that. A guilty conscious sucks as well as regret/time lost. You don't get to push rewind. Best of luck moving forward.
  5. cachmeifucan

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    I wish you luck. But if you relapse they may can you based on random drug test. It's not a easy decision but I hope you make it. And I hope your grandfather lives long enough to see you well. Although his passing may send you in a dark place. Pray on it
  6. Raymond Apodaca

    Raymond Apodaca New Member

    Hey there ! Anything you want to know I've been there done it and got fired after 35 years and still trying to get my health insurance back ! When you decide to go for help witch I recommend strongly , for 5 yrs you will be random drug tested ! Only your manager will know about this situation supposed to be highly confidential but it gets out, how you ask? when you're manager goes on vacation or in a meeting, someone else in management handles it in the office, it comes email from the people that you asked for help! You do not get paid too and from testing! You also have to do a belarina in front of the examiner VERY humiliating you have to go and be there immediately! To test and you have to do the regular test when you're number comes up that one you get paid! Don't play Russian ruelet ! Sooner or later you will be caught ! If you're pkg you're gone ! No ifs or butts! If you're feeder you get this chance to go on a program and you get paid for it threw health insurance or disability insurance!
  7. MsBailey31

    MsBailey31 New Member

    So, I just wanted to let everyone know that I went I am 62 days sober today. I was blessed to be able to take short term disability leave, so I got paid a %age for the time I was gone. I’ve been going to meetings, and my supervisors have been very understanding. I began my official return to work process last week, and they drug tested me. Although they sent me to Care Now for the drug test, so I didn’t have to do it in front if anyone. The paper I signed said I would be randomed for up to a year. I honestly feel so much better!
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