Thinking of going management.

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    Hi all. This is my first post here. Anyways, I've thought about the idea of becoming management, but I don't know if it's worth it. I'm not one of those people that hates the union, I just want to earn a few extra bucks. I would like to become a driver, but in my center that could take me another 5 years (have 6 years with UPS). The seniority list is just too long, and now they are calling less and less drivers as time goes by.

    Here's some questions I have, I hope you guys can help me out.

    1. Those of you that have gone management, do you still think that it was worth it?

    2. Is the hourly pay increase at least 10% (that's what I've heard)?

    3. What about bonuses, how does that work, and how money do you get?

    4. I've heard that sups only get paid a certain amount of hours whether they actually do those hours or not. Does this mean that if it's a really long day sups may actually have to work (more like stand around) the last few hours for free?

    Thanks all.
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Scuderia!

    I really can't answer any of your questions, but we have many knowledgable members who will!
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    I need more info, are you talking about a p/t sup job?, are you a student? do you have a degree? have six years in and say you need another 5 before you can drive?....that doesn not sound right?. Do you want a career at UPS or just a few years to finish schoo. Do you think you can manage people? you like a challege?....are you in an outlying center? what is your current job?...preload, local soet??
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    I really think you are asking the wrong questions, and setting yourself up for failure.

    The WORST reasons to go into management is to make more money or to have easier work.

    The management job is much different than the hourly job. Full time management makes up less than 10% of UPS. You will be held accountable for the work of others.

    To be successful, you must be an excellent planner and communicator. You must be able to hold people accountable (the right way), and have excellent follow up skills.

    All these things are hard and being successful requires more than just hard work. In today's environment technical skills and education become important.

    You will be asked to think and act as if you were an owner, not an employee. A major failiing we have is that many in mangement are not prepared for what this job entails.

    All this being said, I made the decision to go into management over 30 years ago and it was a great decision. Of course times were different then, but I didn't know what the pay or benefits were when I accepted the job. I wanted to do that kind of work.

    I've had a great career and did many cool things for UPS. Lots of varied assignments and worked with very good people.

    If pay is your reason, don't go into management. Do it becasue its the type of work you want to do.

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    Very well said !....good post!
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    Ditto that!
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    You'll make about $1000 more per month
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    Funny, when I saw "thiking about going managment", I thought at quick glance that his/her name was Suicidal.
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    Three possible reasons using Macro:

    1.You should go into Management if you are voting for McCain because you believe he likes Unions?

    2.Thank your Republican Party for your 35 cent raise if you are UNION?

    3.Most definately Go into management if you want more than a .35 cent raise?

    Answer these quesions and you will make your decision!
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    I agree also. You have to want to do it for the challenge of the job and never for the money.

    I know management is not for me and wouldn't considered it if the pay increase was 100%. I just don't have the skills to manage people and communicate my thoughts effectively (I'm a bad public speaker).

    I couldn't allow the fate of my career be determined on how well my hourly employees do their job. There is only so much a manager can do to motivate or correct his employee's work.

    With the union behind them, there is always that handful the really doesn't care what kind of job they do and it brings down the performance of the entire group. If I don't have the power fire them, then I could never manage them.

    The hourly position has its negative areas, but all those negatives are gone when I punch out every night or go home for the weekend. Our center manager doesn't have this luxury and I don't envy him for it!
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    Once you go you can't go back anymore. In my building there are people in management that work 12 hours or more a day. They are there when I start and when I return at night they are still there
  12. For years....11 I was pursued to go into management. After working preload, summer driver, saturday air driver, full time driver, and talking and talking and talking to other managers at UPS. I finally made the fateful decision to "drink the cool-aid" and submitted a letter. I sat for the panel and 2 days later I had the job offer. Everything was great at first. I did take a 2000.00 pay cut the first year but my first raise more than made up for it as well as the partnership bonus. Slowly more and more responsibilities were heaped upon my shoulders. Started as an on-car, then took over as on car/safety supervisor...then it was on car/safety supervisor/reload sup. All in all my days started at no later than 0600 and ended no earlier than 2130...not to mention the constant phone calls when I was at home or heaven forbid...actually on vacation. As I was told I just wasn't cut out for the job. So instead of mentoring and giving me the training I needed to do my job...I was in essence forced out. More work...more hours...more pain and less time at home for the family. I was told my priorities needed to be UPS and nothing else. My family didn't matter. I resigned that day. I loved UPS until it was made clear to me that Upper management only cared about you as a person until you missed a number or someone had an avoidable accident. While I know for a fact that there are many, many great people that work for UPS in management, I unfortunately had the priviledge to not work under them. after 16 years of giving to the company I was told I wasn't wanted anymore if I wanted to reduce my hours to spend time with my family. Guess who won. The family.

    Moral of the what you feel is right but be prepared to work long hours. The pay is great but you EARN every penny of it.

    Better off without UPS.
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    Drank the cool aid! Hilarious..........thanks for your story!
  14. This story could be told countless times by many who made the decision to sell their soul to UPS. I on the other hand was a part time preload supervisor who was sent driving in order to be promoted to a full time spot. I made my book 18 years ago and have been driving ever since. I must admit I dont think I was ever management material anyway. There are more important things in life than just UPS but God forbid they think you feel that way you'll be out the door..
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    Is the money better in PT supervising compared to PT union hourly? Yes it is, but again, more money more problems. Also, you'll be working more hours to get the money and you will be expected to make UPS your life even as a part-time supervisor

    The best thing to do is look at it this way.... if you want to be a P/T supervisor and a P/T sup only, you will be abused and basically forced out after a period of time. Upper management does not want P/T supervisors for very long periods of time. After a few years your raises will be lower and lower until eventually you won't be getting anything. They force out complacency.

    The smartest decision I have made in the past 7 years was not going into management. I'm sure it's different for everyone of course.

    7 years later, I have a full-time job at UPS to help pay for school and finish degree in a few years, I would have never met my fiance, and I have time to work on a second career on the side with ease.

    If you want a life outside UPS (as others mention), strongly consider not making UPS your livleyhood.

    those 3 things beautiful things I mentioned would not be possible if I had gone into lower management and tried to work my way up like alot of kids so desperately try to do with this company. I was 22 when I started, now turning 30.
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    Very well spoken! If this person is really looking for advice, they came to the right place. Too bad BC doesn't give out awards for being wise, honest and truthful. "Scuderia", take the above advice and think it over. This is a turning point in your life that you can NEVER take back. Better to wait and say, "whoa, glad I didn't make that move". Then to make it and regret it all.
  17. VoiceOfReason

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    It is worth it. Your salary will no longer be capped by collective bargaining....

    Ask yourself:

    Do you really think you can make a difference where others have not?
    -Too many of us collecting a check for nothing

    Can you forgive, forget and move on with people?
    -There are going to be a lot of feelings hurt and standoff's with employees and peers. The best management do not hold grudges.

    Are you a computer dork?
    -He/She who has the info or can find it, has power and its all trapped in the computer and the 10,000,000 report generating systems.

    Drama, can you handle it?
    -Your life better be free of it because you will inherit the drama in every one of your employees lives.

    Can you "Just Get it Done?"
    -You will be thrown into situations where you have zero experience, zero tools, zero training and a deadline that must be met. If you aren't a "Get it done" person now, you will not be successful.
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    Are you willing to overlook things that make sense and implement senseless policies dictated from above?
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    rotflmao... true that 100 times over!
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    Will you keep your tail between your legs and do what the daily EMail from IE tells you?