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    Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani is known more as foe than ally to Ahmadinejad so there are and have been growing internal pressures. Iran (Persia) is a Arab conquest and therefore forced convert to islam but it's own religious history is of a different nature. Some argue quiet well that the root source of monetheism (Zoraester) is this region of the world and also the root peoples of today's Iranians and those of European ancestery share a common bond in ancient Indo-European connections. There is a growing awakening within Iran about it's history and we should not be to fast in looking at the Shia' Iranians in the same manner as we look at the Sunni Arabs.

    It's funny that it was the Persians who released the Israelites from Babylonian captivity and helped them return to Jerusalem and helped them rebuild it. It's sad today to see what were once friends be at such odds with one another. But then Jews also lived freely and quite well among arabs for many years too, even in Saudi Arabia itself but today you'd think these people can't even share the same planet. I thought we'd been taught that ancient peoples were ignorant boobs and modern man were the height of knowledge and education. Who formulated that lie?