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    Our center was recently audited by, well, whoever. One morning before leaving, a part time sup ushered this guy into the back of my package car to have me recite the rhetoric. He said he was not from UPS but from Liberty Mutual and asked me to go through the DOKs.

    Despite the poor training I've received and the obvious physiological problems of taking an oral test just before the start of a twelve hour day on the road, I got through the first four parts of the test. When I got to the rules of backing part, he said "now I know that some people say there are five rules, some say eight, some say nine, others say something else. Just give me enough that I know you know the material and that's good enough."

    I thought this line was curious. Considering the amount of problems associated with backing, don't you think that the rules of backing should be a little more.....stable?

    I think it should be noted that the guy doing the testing was not a jerk, in fact he was kind of understanding during the half dozen or so interruptions in the test. It should also be noted that the smilies at the beginning of the post were inserted by my seven year old son who thought they are funny.

    Anybody else run into this rules of backing issue?
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    Only 2 rules of backing I follow. Doesn't matter if it's my personal truck, package car, or triples. Avoid backing at all times, and if you absolutely must back, when in doubt, get out.
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    only 1 rule ....never back BC
  4. scratch

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    So BC stands for no Backing Crashes?:happy2: So I take it that you will not back into my in-laws driveway that is on your area and hit their cars?:wink2:
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    Never back BaraCk !!
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Which is the lesser of 2 evils:

    BaraCk or McCentury?
  7. trplnkl

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    No brainer, McC
  8. WhatPCM

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  9. browndevil

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    No more Republicans. Give the Dems a chance
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    Is there really any difference between the DIms and McCain? Or between the two parties? Both parties main objective is power, whoever is in power controls the purse strings(our money) and spreads it around(pork) to maintain power. I think we're screwed either way!!!
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    Good point. DS, is there any room in Canada?
  12. Jack4343

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    Here's the rules of backing that I know...

    1. Back only when necessary.
    2. If you must back, back first and to the driver's side.
    3. Scan the area you are approaching before and during the back. If you are unsure, get out and look.
    4. Horn your horn every two seconds to signal your intentions.
    5. Use your rear vision camera as a third mirror.
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    Give yourself a gold star!!
  14. Jack4343

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    Don't mind if I do...LOL!
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    I think you deserve your choice between:
    A. Genuine imitation leather wallet
    B. Igloo 6-pack cooler
    C. miniature pen light(batteries not included)
    To collect your reward, call 1-800-i ain't wrecked in 50 years!
  16. Jack4343

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    I would like super secret option D: One box of slightly used, worthless "Go Big Brown" buttons. :knockedout:
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You can file those under "UPS Marketing Campaign Which Failed Miserably"
  18. 1989

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    Backing Champion?
  19. moreluck

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    Originally Posted by BCFan
    only 1 rule ....never back BC

    Before Checking ??