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    Canadian police probe renewed pipeline bomb threat 04/15 11:30 AM

    VANCOUVER, April 15 (Reuters) - Police are investigating a possible threat of renewed attacks on energy facilities in northeast British Columbia, an official said on Thursday.
    A letter to a newspaper in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, warned that a series of gas pipeline bombings, which stopped last year, could resume and police should expect a "long hot summer", according to local media reports.
    "We are working to determine if the letter is a hoax or authentic," said Sgt. Rob Vermeulen, a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
    If confirmed as authentic, it would be the third letter from a saboteur thought responsible for six bombings of natural gas pipelines and related facilities near Dawson Creek.
    The attacks on facilities owned by EnCana Corp. began in October 2008. The bombings have not caused any injuries, but created small gas leaks that police say posed a public safety risk.
    The first letter, sent to the media shortly before the attacks began, warned that they would continue until the energy industry pulled out of the area because it posed a safety risk to local residents.
    The second letter, last July, made a similar demand but also offered a temporary respite so the demands could be met. There have been no attacks since that letter was received.
    In January, police raided the Alberta farm of Wiebo Ludwig, a prominent energy industry opponent, and briefly detained him in connection with the investigation. He was released without charges.
    Ludwig, who was convicted of sabotage in Alberta a decade ago, has expressed sympathy for the British Columbia bomber's anger at the industry, but also urged an end to the attacks. (Reporting Allan Dowd; editing by Rob Wilson)
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    There is actually a $1 Million dollar reward to find the person(s) responsibe.
    It's been going on for years.

    Someone that hates the oil industry and probably worked in it before.
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    but you keep telling us how wonderful up north is.