Three people accused of kidnapping, robbing UPS driver in Austin TX

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    Three people accused of kidnapping, robbing UPS driver - KXAN

    A man is accused of holding a UPS driver at gunpoint, making him drive to a new location and then stealing his wallet and phone. Two other people also face charges of kidnapping and robbery in the case.

    The victim was delivering packages on his route June 21 when he arrived at the 1300 block of Rosewood Avenue in east Austin. A man, later identified as 23-year-old Christopher Earl Martin, holding a handgun confronted him and told him to get inside the UPS truck, according to an affidavit.
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    This is why drivers should be allowed to carry as long as their delivery area is in a state that allows concealed carry.
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    Take everything you want but not the phone. Naa brah
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    I have a placard on my truck that reads " Driver carries no cash. He is married".
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    You can have my phone, as long as you answer the calls and texts from my wife.