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  1. kramer

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    I went through a neighborhood on my way back to work and I didnt make a complete stop according to him. all tires not moving, i disagreed,but i have a court date now. Is this going to effect my qualifing? because I have not made seniority yet on my 30 days
  2. They won't know about it.
  3. retiredTxfeeder

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    You've already filled out a form telling them of your tickets before you started, right? You only have to fill that out once a year. I certainly wouldn't offer that info up voluntarily.
  4. kramer

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    I did not have any tickets before today, but before I went to integrad they asked me and i told them i didnt have any. I was going to talk to a steward about it tomorrow and not a supervisor directly.
  5. retiredTxfeeder

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    You never volunteer any information to this company. If you were to tell a sup and he documents it, then you beat it in court or the cop doesn't show up.
  6. UPeopleSuck

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    Don’t tell anyone, not even your coworkers. Forget it ever happened and it shouldn’t be an issue. Do your traffic school and make sure you don’t get another.
  7. Box Ox

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    Don't think it'll affect your qualifying. Especially if you've already signed your declaration. In my state, tickets don't show up on your record unless/until you've been found guilty/admitted guilt. Definitely don't go ahead and pay your ticket fine if it's not a mandatory court appearance as that's an automatic admission/entry of guilt.

    It's very helpful to just send a traffic attorney to court instead of crossing your fingers and hoping the magistrate or whoever will cut you a deal. If they don't, it'll go on your record and your car insurance premium might skyrocket for a few years. If you've got a clean record, a traffic attorney could probably snag you a voluntary dismissal of the ticket by the court, or a reduction to a non-moving violation.
  8. kramer

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    So taking the defensive driving would clear it all up? i believe i have that option here in texas
  9. IESucks

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    New driver and can't stop at stop signs? This jobs not for you. Baa bye
  10. rod

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    Don't volunteer any information to UPS unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Deny deny deny. 999 times out of a thousand they will not dig into your past because either they are too lazy (actually have to sit down and fill out some forms) or it costs them money. They hate spending money unless its on useless logistical programs.
  11. UPeopleSuck

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    It did for me in 2 different states
  12. Nike

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    Well here in Texas when you do defensive driving they usually make you plead guilty, pay some form of the fine, then you take your DD class.
    I think it comes off the record if it's your first one for the year, but I do believe you have to plead guilty, you're admitting to your mistake and taking the course to rectify it essentially.
  13. Wrong

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    Just get an attorney to get it lowered to like a 60 probation period and taken off your record completely once completed. Might need defensive driving as well.
  14. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Ticket while on the clock?
    Is that what happened?
  15. FrigidFTSup

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    If asked, don't lie. Don't volunteer it though.
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  16. bottomups

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    Recite the 10-point commentary verbatim to the Judge. He will throw the citation in the trash.
  17. Mike57

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    All I'm going to say is that with a CDL,There is NO SECOND chance.No school.
    You're best bet is to bring a lawyer,Or try to get the ticket dropped to a LOCAL fine
    (This so the ticket doesn't go anywhere) Just the $$ goes to the ticketing Local,and not to the state) Kind of like a parking ticket. Hope that helps...
  18. MendozaJ

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    It is only necessary to tell them when you submit your annual MVDC, and only if you are found guilty.

    The only time you have to tell them immediately is if your driving privileges have been revoked.
  19. TheMachine

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    Must have been a bored officer, however technically it’s the law and if you didn’t stop completely he has you.