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  1. Here in the Midwest we HAVE to ask ft sups to see our time card maybe it is the same every where else. So many time he is BUSY and don't have the time the clerks are not allowed. I have noticed couple of time an error where my time was missing FEW clicks and have ask and made them corrected it.
    let me first say that majority of the ft sups that I worked with and continue to work are honest and good peoples. having said that, I am inclined to believe that they were an honest mistakes. but, with present condition that exist where you HAVE to ask a ft sup to show you your time card bear in mind the sups are able to change the numbers. I cant help to think that there is a GOOD FOR THEM REASON not make it easily accessible for us to see.
    I would like, and I believe I am entitled to see my time card every morning in details without having to chase a FT sup who is busy trying to make sure everything is in order. also, I wonder if there is any labor law that addresses this concern
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    Most states do have a law saying upon request and employer has to show you your timecard, but its up to the employer how they do it, and chasing down a sup is how ups does it
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    We have ORs in our hub (not sure what OR stands for, but its basically a list of everyone and how many hours they worked; punch in time, punch out. OT, etc). In fact, from top down, it is urged that we check our OR daily for any time issues so they can be corrected as soon as possible. I can't imagine why they wouldn't have this everywhere.
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    OR = Operations Report
  5. Dont give them the benefit of the doubt theyre sorry excuses for human beings and will shave youre time without loss of sleep. Best advice is what i do write it down daily and keep all records and also to break down there system every minute ='s 1.66. Meaning 15 min times 1.66 equals .25 on OR.
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    Here's what the Contract says . . .
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    How can there be an "honest mistake" with electronic time cards?
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    I used to check my times when the Diad would go down. The PM Sup would print both Diad time cards and then combine them & have me verify the time. He took the time to explain the time card system & even showed me the edit log where things were changed & who approved them. That was about the time when there was a paper log of time card corrections in the Diad room 5 or 6 years ago. He said that there were "integrity issues" in some centers concerning time cards. Go Figure!
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    Remember the good old days when we punched a card.Made record keeping so easy.
  10. you always want to give the benefit of the doubt before you start accusing someone and question their integrity. My problem is not having the confidence in them because of what I have to go thru (?) to see my card.
    I heard of some sups who got fired for messing with our time. I feel that fear of being fired have lessened or eroded and many ft sups in pursuit of improving their numbers will alter or shave our time
    I want to see my Start Time, Lunch Minutes and ending time every day with out having to ask a sup.
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    Well, lately with us air drivers that work in more than one center, have times that are manually entered on Saturday, and can use two to three different boards a day, "mistakes" can happen.

    As for time cards and our center, they have an ORS(Package Center Weekly Operating Report Statistic) printed out every morning for each driver. On Mondays they have the same thing printed out, but it shows every day of last week.
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    It's just a percentage of 60(minutes)

    If you work 20 minutes it will show .33 on the report.

    All you have to do is divide any extra minutes you work by 60. That will give you the percentage it should show on the report.
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    .10 CLICKS = 6 MINUTES
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    well your sol spanky
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    This is what I love. In our supplement if you work 10 hrs, you get a 20 minute time bonus paid at the overtime rate. If you work 3 ten hour days in a week you don't get 60 minutes at the overtime rate (3x20=60). They pay you .99 hrs at the overtime rate(3x.33=.99). Our overtime rate is $42.74/hr, but we only get $42.31 (42.74x.99). Where did the .43 go? Into LaLa Land? Yeah right.:surprised: